New Panties-question

The Just My Size nylon briefs I received last month are different than the older ones I have already. The leg bands on the new ones are looser. Kind of like wearing tap pants. It lets things "hang out". Anyone else having this issue with these panties?

cracklewalk cracklewalk
46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I have found that, too. Also the gussett is narrower. I find thwm uncomfortable and put them in the charity bin along with the other cheap panties I've eithwr bought or been given. "Buy cheap get cheap."

Who do they think they are, designing panties for women anyway? ;)

I wear mostly Vanity Fair. The quality of fabric is much better and they fit me well. I think men are their biggest customers!

I love Vanity Fair too and I think you\'re right about men being their biggest customers. I do wish they had more prints and colors available for briefs.

I think the Just My Size panties are cut for heavier women who happen to have thicker legs. Panties that are made in Womens sizes have smaller leg openings and hold your stuff better.

I\'m wearing a pair of Carole briefs right now. They have a wide crotch are are made of a wonderfully silky nylon.