they look super sexy with the right lingerie and high heels. I remember them before pantyhose. Besides they are easier to have sex in them. 

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MissAlmost is absolutely correct as far as getting a stiffy. I get one every time I see a woman in nylons

I wore nylons in 4th grade. I wore them before pantyhose became fashonable. They look great with shaved and smooth legs and super sexy with an outfit like lingerie and high heels. I usally wear panty hose now because they give my legs that super smooth and they swish a lot more making me look sexy as ever. I still have several pairs of nylons that are super shiny in black and any man will tell you that to approach a man with nylons that show slightly below the hemline of a dress is a turn on and a invitation to have a good time in the bedroom, I keep a pair so when I am ready that man will gain a stiffy right away when he sees me sashay twords him naked.

I was sitting at my desk last Friday morning when Judy walked by. Her cubicle was to my right. That day, Judy was wearing tan colored nylons and a dark blue skirt. From my desk, I could easily watch Judy as she worked. The office was lightly staffed as many people were on vacation. I didn't have much to do that day. I had planned to take the afternoon off. I wanted to leave as soon as the remaining project I had left for the week was completed.

I arose to get a cup of coffee. When I returned, Judy asked me to help her with something. I stood behind her as she explained what she was working on and the problem she was having. For some reason, I glanced down at her shoes and was stunned to see her nylon covered heels being out of her shoes. Only they weren't the sheer nylons that most women now wore, these nylons had reinforced heels.

I immediately felt a sexual urge begin to shoot through my stomach and into my enlarging penis. It had been several years since I had last seen a woman wearing that style of nylons. I remembered it quite well because that woman had turned me into a nylon lover. The visions I still held of her and her nylons were the visions that brought me countless numbers of *******.

I explained to Judy how to solve the problem she was having and returned to my cubicle. Only now my mind was not on leaving early, it was on looking at Judy and her nylon covered feet.

I sat down in my cubicle and looked over where Judy sat. There was a soft hiss of nylon as she crossed her legs. She slipped her heel out of her pump and began dangling it on the ends of her toes. The reinforced heel of her nylons was clearly visible. I couldn't focus on what I needed to complete that day with what she was showing me. She reawakened a sexual urge for a woman wearing nylons that had long been forgotten.

After at least an hour of lusting after Judy and her nylon covered gams, I couldn't take it any longer. I got up and walked around the office. Much to my surprise, we were the only two people in our area! Once I discovered that, my nerve became stronger. I sat back in my chair and slowly, silently opened my zipper. Even though I was certain it was only the two of us in our work area, I was still nervous that someone would see what I was doing.

My erection bulged through my open zipper. I quietly unbuckled my belt and removed it, placing it inside one of my drawers. Then I opened my pants. Somehow I managed to fit my manhood through the fly in my underwear. The coolness of the room felt great against the heat of my erection.

While I was focused on getting my erection the spaced it demanded, Judy continued to dangle her pump by her toes. The reinforced heel of her nylons was making me crazy horny. I knew what I was going to do. I buttoned my pants and went to the bathroom. I knew I was going to come any second. When I got to the bathroom, I thought to myself, there was nobody else in our work area. Why not do it at my desk while I was watching her? As a matter of fact, why not give her an opportunity to notice how erect she had made me?

I took off my pants and removed my underwear. After putting my pants back on, I walked back to Judy. I glanced down at my crotch. If Judy looked, she would know how hard I was. I approached her from behind and slightly lowered my zipper so the purple head of my erection was barely visible if she decided to look.

I stood behind her and asked if she needed any more help. She turned to me and smiled and said "No, I think you helped me figure it out now. I have just a few minutes left and then I am done for the day." As she turned back I noticed her eyes glance at my crotch and the smile left her face.

I returned to my desk and sat down. I completely lowered my zipper and pulled my erection out. Suddenly Judy got up and walked out of the room. I cursed that I had scared her away.

I went back to working on my project when suddenly, Judy walked back and sat on my desk. I asked "Done for the day?"

Judy replied "Not quite. I need a little more help." That distinctive nylon hiss as she crossed her legs made my eyes laser focus on them. "You seem to be hard as a rock." She giggled.

My mind raced with the fear of what she might do. "I... I'm sorry,"

I stammered "It's ... uh"

"My legs?" Judy grinned. "I believe you've been staring at them all afternoon. I think my legs may have caused that massive erection you've been hiding from me." She raised the leg she crossed past the horizontal and began to rotate her ankle. "I love leg men. They are easy to get going. Especially when I wear these nylons." Her hands slowly stroked her nylon covered legs from the calves up to her thighs.

She slowly revolved around until her leg touched my face and then slowly drew it up until her sexy pump crossed my mouth. "Oh man!" I gasped as my penis cried out against the confines of my clothing.

"I suppose I can't leave you in this state, can I? Why dont you take off your pants."

"What?" I blurted

"You heard me," She replied. "Do as I say."

Without a second thought, I did. My erection practically flying out of my shorts as they dropped around my ankles. Judy grinned and began to rub her legs against each other. The sight and sound of her nylons rubbing together caused my erection to pulsate before her. "You do have a happy friend down there, don't you?" she laughed as she examined my throbbing member. I quivered with fear and anticipation of what might come next.

She swung her seductive legs off my desk and crossed them so her foot was almost in my lap. "You like the nylons I'm wearing? Why don't you take a closer look at how they look on my foot? Take off my shoes."

I did as she ordered. She said "You are lucky I'm in a generous mood," she purred, placing one foot on my leg and they other on my very solid erection. I moaned loudly and almost came on the spot as the warm soft nylon covered foot touched my member. "Easy," she ordered. "The longer you can hold it in, the better it will be."

Once she was sure I had a hold of myself, she slowly and gently began to stroke my erection with her foot. I moaned loudly as the soft friction of her nylons filled me with ecstacy. I started to massage her legs and thighs as she moved her hand underneath her panties and began pleasuring herself as well. "I love the reinforced heels and toes in your nylons" I moaned. "They make your feet look incredible."

She smiled as she moved her toes along the shaft of my erection, then over the head and massaging it gently with her nylons. I gasped with sensation, and she repeated it several times. Her own sounds of pleasure were quite drowned out by my own as she coaxed both of our climaxes. She leaned back and rubbed her other nylon covered foot against my face as she continued working on herself. I licked her nylon covered foot. Her unpainted toes tasted as sweet as I could imagine.

Then she pushed me away and buried her fingers inside of her vagina. "You can't **** me today but I can't wait to see you come! she gasped as she shuddered in through the ****** that pounded through her. "I want you to come on my feet" she said as she surrounded my erection with both of her feet. Up and down she stroked me. Every stroke was coaxing the ****** that was building in me to its climax.

I cried out as her stroking had become feverosh, the motion of her nylon covered feet bringing me towards the supreme fulfillment. I held my breath as the first spurt shot out over her foot, soaking her nylons as I groaned in ecstacy. Her expert manipulation of my member brought spurt after spurt of my sex pumping out as I gasped and experienced the longest, most incredible ****** I had ever had. The feelings of her legs and feet caressing and rubbing my genitals was unlike anything I'd ever felt before.

When her feet could pull not a drop more, I lay back in my chair, totally sexually spent. With a wide grin, Judy removed her feet and stood as rivers of my sex ran down her nylon covered legs. "I'm glad you decided to stay in the office today" she said as her hand clasped my still dribbling ****. The feel of her grasp made my erection begin to stir again! "Give me my shoes now before I have to do that again!." she said as she caressed my rebuilding erection.

I handed Judy her shoes. She slipped her ***** soaked foot inside. "I love the feel of your ***** on my feet. Lets do this again only at my apartment on Saturday. Say around 7?"

"7 it is" I replied. Then Judy smiled, turned and left me with a smile on my face.

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