Middle Earth!

Greetings, sister nymphs!

Gwyneth (ggfs) has come up with a lovely alternative to Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy. It will be set among the peace-loving elves and nymphs and pixies and faerie folk of a sun-dappled forest, and there will be no weapons or violence of any description. And probably no clothes either ;-)
It follows the adventures of a beautiful young wood elf who feels a strong urge to leave the safety of her glen to seek adventure, but then decides it was probably just a touch of trapped wind and stays at home instead to bake some scones. And all the other elves and nymphs are very happy that their lovely sister has decided to stay after all and they spend the rest of the day singing and dancing together, and eating strawberry jam.

And then they all go to sleep together on a soft, mossy bed.
It’s going to be brilliant because Gwyneth lives in Middle Earth (well actually New Zealand) and knows some hobbits personally. And it will be much more successful than Sir Peter’s version because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t rather see a pretty, scantily clad elf than a warty dwarf carrying an enormous axe?
So girls, who would like to audition for a part?
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Can't wait for the book

I can't wait till it hits the bookstores followed by the big-screen!

I think that would be a most interesting read

i would

You are very welcome to our loving sisterhood, fair sorceress of the air. xx

thank you

hi, Beth<br />
this nymphs idea of Gwyneth is really ravishing, extremely beautiful. I would really like to take a part. Place like this is always been a enchanting sweet dream for me, where I can live naked with my sister and all my girlfriends, where there is no violence and weapons, all we have is love and nature, hugs and kisses. Thanks for bringing it up:)) sweet kisses for my sensual pretty nymph from France*xx

Oh Dyz, I am so glad you and your sister will be joining us as you know the innocent and simple pleasures of being naked and safe among loving friends. Sweet kisses to you too! xx

What about a strong man of Gondor? Can a knight of the white city journey to this fair land?

Kind sir, I fear not. Weapons of any description are forbidden in our happy glen. You will have to join the audition for the "other" Middle Earth and gaze wistfully from afar at our laughing, dancing forms . . ;-)

Hi Beth!

I'm here to audition for a part! I'll do my nudie best to qualify! I am always soooo happy to dance, play, and share scones with my sister nymphs! Then when the shadows of dusk overtake the day, we gather to sleep all curled up, naked and purring, cuddling all together like a contented litter of kittens snuggled up to warm momma. We all sleep soundly and dream pleasant dreams to send out to the poeple of the world on the wings of white doves.

We all wake refreshed to start a new day of joyful bliss in our shady glen!

Love and Kisses all over, XXX OOO Nudigirl