For Sarabee Nymph!

She reclines on a smooth rock at the edge of her enchanted pool, head thrown backwards, breeze gently ruffling her hair. Breasts thrust upwards to catch the warmth of the morning sun, her nipples stand proudly erect from soft, creamy mounds. Her lovely face is the picture of peace and contentment, her bright eyes dance with amusement and mischievousness. Languidly, she draws the toes of one foot through the shimmering surface of the water, while beneath her dark shapes circle slowly.

In the shade of my sacred ash tree I sit motionless, knees clasped to my chest. I am captivated by the sight of this Naiad, the youngest and most beautiful of all the nymphs in our happy little glade. She sees me and beckons for me to sit beside her. But I dare not leave my tree unguarded or forsake the protection of my loving sisters in the forest. She mocks me gently for my hesitancy and I frown and flush with desire and uncertainty.
She rises gracefully from her island, her eyes never leaving mine. She walks slowly towards me, cool waters lapping her small, pretty feet. I am afraid, fearful of the sensations and emotions this divine little creature is stirring within me. I hug myself tighter. She kneels by my side and whispers sweetness in my ear. A lock of her hair brushes against my face and I shiver with delight. She fills my mind with warmth and tenderness and I long to clasp her soft, smooth body to my own.
She promises to show me her treasures: the coloured jewels and shiny objects left or misplaced by careless humans. I long to take her hand and go with her, but fear the unknown depths of her watery home. She teases me mercilessly, dancing around and beckoning me to follow her. I am drawn to her lithe, graceful form, but as I approach she skips playfully away and bids me chase her. Breathlessly I follow, but she remains beyond my reach, laughing at my clumsiness. Then, when I fear I have lost sight of her, I feel a hand tug my ankle from under me and I plunge helplessly into the cool depths of the lagoon.
I am stricken with fear and terror as dark waters engulf me, but my enigmatic sister catches me and draws me safely to her breast in a loving embrace. Her soft lips caress my own and my body is filled once more with calm and tranquillity. She leads me downwards into her watery domain. I feel safe by her side, her soft hand in mine, and I thrill at her simple, pure beauty. She slides through the water sleek as an otter, light dancing across her slim body.
Soft water gently caresses our bare skin and flows between our legs, producing delightful and endless sensations. She gazes deep into my eyes and smiles at me beautifully. Her sweet little face lights up and fills my whole being with love and tenderness.
We surface and sink into the soft, mossy bed of my forest home, arms still locked in a snug embrace, legs entwined. I feel her hair wet and lush against my shoulder, her breath warm and regular on my neck. We wriggle, snuggle and sigh contentedly as we luxuriate in each other’s warmth and softness.
High above a bluebird gazes down on two blissfully happy little nymphs.

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Your stories are always such a delight to read. This one is a gem, it truly sparkles from start to finish! Thanks for sharing such a lovely story Sweet Sister!