Oatmeal Is My Passion

I just love oatmeal so much! I look forward to it everyday. It is the reason I get up in the morning. I mix in parsely and other healthy ingredients and it still tastes so yummy! I can even put in sugar substitutes and make it as a snack. I love it most with cinnamon! I also put blueberries in it and let it melt in the microwave, yumm. Oatmeal has been so great for me as it has become a substitute for my mint chocolate chip ice cream addiction. It is a much healthier snack substitute. I even carry my oatmeal packages in my purse for emergencies. I love the fact that there is an endless amount of options to add to your oatmeal. I'm so happy to have found this support group of like minded people. Oatmeal for life!
oattothecoop oattothecoop
Dec 9, 2012