After the amazing win of Spain against the Netherlands (  accurately predicted by Octopus Paul ) I have now decided that I am appointing said talented visionaire as my chief financial advisor and head counselor of all matters of the heart.

I need to make several investments in the near future and I think Paul can give me a tentacle in the right direction so that I can become a little more comfortable in the financial department , which would be in my case  a very welcome change.
Also in matters of the heart , where I have to admit I have a very poor record , so Oracle Paul would be just what the Doctor ordered since  he has shown in just one month more good sense and better taste that I ever showed in my life time. 

So I am paging Wonderful Paul -New Master of the Universe

I am trusting him with my life basically. He will now be in charge of picking out my future dates, advising me on which little black dress will provide more ooomph for my bucks, financially deciding for me which companies will be a success and last but not least what colours to paint my walls which is a project I have lined up for this summer.

In fact , he will be quite busy, but I will take such good care of him, I will keep him away from sea lions , I´ll take him to  Red Lobster for an "all the crabs you can eat buffet"  and I will never, ever  utter the words lemon and garlic in his presence.

I think the two of us would make such a terrific team.

I can´t wait to meet the 21st Century Oracle !!

Paging Octopus Paul

Paging Octopus Paul

Paging Octopus Paul

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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Yeah, that would be bad.

Does this mean you're getting rid of your Magic 8 Ball?