My love of pregnancy goes well beyond the state's natural borders.  I really really enjoy belly expansion in any form...but mostly when it's about girls whose bellies are rapidly filled passed normal limits with children.  I love the idea of having a townsworth of people kicking inside a hugely expectant mother.  I love huge huge pregnancies, and love depictions of girls who are expecting upwards of 5, 6, and 7 children.  The bigger the belly, the better.

It doesn't have to be human either.  I love stories were human women are abducted and experimented on by aliens.  A great concept that I love seeing is that of saving an alien species: a fertile woman is abducted or volunteered into becoming massively pregnant with alien or demon offspring.  "Baby makers" are an amzing idea.  A woman who has a belly that I could fit inside for the rest of her life?  Sign me up.  It's interesting to see how the girls react while sitting alone in a cell, growing ever larger, and wondering what exactly it is they're carrying inside their womb.  An added bonus is when the abnormal changes their bodies go through makes them horny to a degree proportionate to their stomach.  Oftentimes, they become too big to be pleasured by a man, so they have to improvise...which can involve belly rubbing or some odd alien stimulation.  Science fiction is a great genre for pregnancy.

But I've always harbored a love for the idea of superfertility in human women.  Man and woman have sex, she gets pregnant with sextuplets, carries them a full nine months or longer, and births them as normal.  I honestly couldn't live in a world where girls have septuplet bellies; I'd just get too horny all the time!  I have a hard enough time resisting women pregnant with one baby...let alone that belly multiplied by seven.  The thought of a girl weighed down to her bed with a belly so gravid that's all she can do is very arousing...imagine what I could do with one just trapped there...that huge belly must need some rubbing, huh?  I just love to see impossibly large pregnant women, and wonder what a woman pregnant with...say, 847 babies would look like.

So yeah, I like pregnancy in ANY form by any means.  The more impossibly huge the better.

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I like guys who enjoy the idea of getting us women pregnant. I would love to be pregnant by a guy who wants me to carry his child or children inside me and then participate in the labor and birth at home with me. It's a turn on when a guy is sensitive towards us and understands that we go through this because he can make us this way. (Ex; "I got you pregnant and you are bearing MY child/children inside you for 9 months, then you are going to endure the worst amount of pain giving birth for me just so I may have a child. I want to be there for you during this, holding your hand, rubbing your belly. I want to be the one who delivers what I put inside you to begin with." That is my fantasy. :)

I'm a female and I love reading those kinds of stories, too (as long as they don't involve violent bursting..that's just a huge turn-off). I like fantasies where the woman gets impossibly big, whether by human or alien. I also love the more desc<x>riptive stuff, which is harder to come by as people just want to say that the woman is "huge" and "growing". I want more than that. I want to hear the process, and how it feels to the woman as her womb extends with multiple babies (and their movements) and her breasts fill up with milk that rivals even the biggest cows.

Yeah, me too.