The Office - My First Attempt At A Story :-)

I could imagine leaning back in my chair to try and catch a glimpse of the tops of your stockings .. and you'd be looking to try and see just how excited you make me ;-) .. I'd lean forward to tell you how sexy you are looking today, you blush slightly. I stand up, to try and put some distance between us, to try and stay professional, but as I turn towards you, your eyes look down, where its impossible to hide the hardness of how excited I am .. I walk towards you and come right up to you, separating your legs slightly so I can stand between them as you perch on my desk. I lean in and whisper in your ear "Darling, as my secretary you have to take care of my every need".

I'm so close to you I can smell your perfume and you can feel my breath on your neck .. I continue .. "and right now I need to know if my new secretary tastes as good as she looks" .. I lean back and look deep into your eyes .. you feel my hands slide down your sides and to your skirt .. I slowly start to inch up your skirt .. you can hear the sound of the material sliding over your stockings .. I reach around to your back and pull to close to me, kissing you hard and deep .. as you are lost in the kiss, I press you too me, you can feel me hard and aching for you as I reach a hand down to your sexy little bum and pull your skirt over the top of your sexy little bum .. holding your bum in both my hands I pull you too me, and slowly grind against you .. I give your bum a kinky little slap, saying "sit in my chair".

You turn and sit in the chair .. your legs closed I can just make out the top of your black panties just above the lacy top of your stockings. I turn the chair, mmmm, you look amazing, high heals, stockings, tiny little panties and I can just make out your nipples through your blouse .. shame on you for not wearing a bra ;-) .. I stand over you and slowly lean the chair back .. I bend down to kiss you again and you feel my hand on the back of our neck, pulling you to me .. I gently pull your hair, making you arch your back .. then you feel my hand move down over your shoulders, down over your chest .. my fingers find your hard nipple and give it a gentle squeeze, you moan in my mouth as you feel the gentle pinch.

I slowly part your legs with my feet and I can clearly see your sexy little panties, I can see they are already a little wet mmmm .. still holding the chair back and kissing you again .. you feel my hand slide down your body and between your legs .. you feel my hand running over the outside of your panties .. I moan a little when I feel how excited you are ........

Leaning the chair back and kissing you hard .. your hands run down from your chest down to your short black office skirt and slowly lift it up, showing the tops of your stockings, then a little higher to show your beautiful soft legs, then black lace panties .. you lift your sexy little bum a little and keep pulling until your skirt pops up over your bum to your hips .. as we kiss, you run your hands up over your thighs over your panties and to your tummy .. with a little intake of breath you slide a hand inside your panties .. you moan into my mouth as your fingers work their way deeper into your panties and over your warm *****.

With a cheeky little tease of your **** your fingers find your soft wet lips and slowly tease them apart as you gently go deeper with your finger .. you arch your back slightly as the passionate kiss makes you tingle and your finger teases you .. as we break the kiss, I look deep into your captivating eyes as you take your hand from your panties and push your wet finger into my mouth .. mmmm .. you taste amazing and the more I lick your finger the more I want you .. you smile, knowingly, that you are turning me on and making want you.

I smile as you lick your finger, wink at me and slide your hand back inside your panties .. you find your now hard little **** and slowly and gently, with the lightest of touches, start to circle it with your wet finger .. mmmm .. I take a step back and watch you briefly and you stare into my eyes and watch me getting more and more turned on .. your eyes drop to my trousers and you can see the bulge in them straining the material so much that you can clearly see the outline of my hard, aching **** .. you giggle, seeing the effect you are having on me.

I drop to my knees and run my hands up the inside of your thighs .. tracing my fingers around the tops of your stockings .. then up the suspender straps to the band of your panties .. I slip my fingers inside at your hips and slowly start to pull them down .. you finger still teasing yourself, you hitch up your bum and I pull your panties down .. the sound of the lace sliding down over your sheer stockings sending a tingle down my spine .. mmmm .. i can clearly see you teasing yourself and I slowly bow my head .. I kiss the tops of your thigh, your soft skin so warm on my lips .. i trace little butterfly kisses up the inside of your thigh towards your sexy wet little ***** .. as I get close you move your hand and cheekily put your finger into your mouth .. mmmmm .. you taste so good and you hear me moan that I want you so much .. I need to be inside you .. but I must please you first.

You can feel my hot breath on your ***** now .. so close, not quite touching .. then you feel my tongue pressing so slightly on your lips .. i trace them all the way down from your **** and all the way back up again .. the touch is so soft and gentle .. you inch your bum forward, enticing me to press harder .. you feel my strong hands holding your legs apart .. as my tongue slowly teases your lips apart .. omg i can taste you now .. i can feel my boxer briefs getting slightly wet as i've never been so very hard and horny in my life .. my tongue quickly darts inside you ... mmm, so warm and wet ... you can feel me as I lick upwards and press the tip of my tongue down onto your sensitive little **** .. you moan a little as it makes you tingle ... you want more but my tongue darts quickly back down between your lips and inside you.

Slowly working its way in and out of you as my hands work their way up your legs ... my fingers meet my tongue and you feel my fingers tease your lips as my tongue seeks out your **** again .. you arch your back as you feel my finger inside you and my tongue circles your **** ... you feel my mouth all over you as my tongue makes little cheeky flicks over your **** .. each teasing flick making you more and more sensitive .. your hands jump to your blouse and you slowly start opening the buttons exposing a sexy, lace, matching bra ... i sit up and we kiss passionately .. you can taste your sweet ***** on my tongue and lips as we kiss.

Before my mouth moves lower and you feel my hot breath on your chest ... you feel my tongue slowly working its way over your soft skin .. I can see your chest heaving in excitement and anticipation as my mouth closes around your hard nipple .. mmmm .. you tingle as I playfully nibble your sensitive, hard, aching nipple, my finger still inside you, teasing, playing and bringing you slowly closer to the ****** that in your mind you are begging for.

You run your hands down my chest and undo my belt and suit trousers .. I stand up and step out of them (kicking off my shoes and socks at the same time .. you can see my hard **** trying to push out of my shorts and you run your hand over the length to try and gauge its size before you reach inside ...

You look up into my eyes as your hand runs along the length of my hard ****, still inside my black boxer shorts. You run your left hand between my legs and you can feel my aching balls, gently tickling them through the material with your nails .. your right hand wraps around my shaft and gives it a cheeky little squeeze, before running up my chest .. you sit forward on the chair and perching your sexy little bum on the edge of the chair, you push me back agains the desk and slowly pull down my shorts .. you smile as the material stretches and then gives way, my **** springing out of them in front of you .. mmmmm .. it feels amazing .. the feeling of anticipation as I step out of my boxer shorts and stand there naked before you.

You hitch forward and you push the chair back as you drop to your knees in front of me .. you can see the head of my **** all wet, aching and exited .. you run your hands up my legs and over my hips .. moving forwards, you take both hands around my shaft .. with the slowest of motions you slide your hands back and forward .. omg your mouth is so close .. I'm aching and dizzy with the slowness your hands are stroking my shaft .. you sit up a little and fleetingly lick the very tip of my **** .. I throw my head back in surprise and excitement.

I'm dying to *** for you but you are in complete control, every movement is slow and deliberate and you are making sure that I know its you that is in complete control of my pleasure .. you move your hands back to my hips, holding me against the desk, you run your tongue up the length of my shaft, stopping and pulling away just before you get to the head .. I breath in .. and you look up to see the ecstasy on my face .. as I look down, I stare into your beautiful, captivating eyes .. and again you start to lick up the length of my shaft .. looking me in the eyes the entire time, I feel your tongue sliding up me .. you slow down as you get to the head .. but with your hands on my hips and staring intently into my eyes you sit up a little and slowly take the head of my **** into your soft, warm mouth.

I moan as I feel how hot your mouth is .. I can't stop staring into your eyes, I'm lost, drowning in your eyes, floating on the ecstasy the effect your tongue is having on me .. I can feel your tongue running circles around my sensitive head and its slowly driving me crazy with desire .. without moving your mouth, you slide your hands in and I feel your nails on my sensitive balls and then a hand around my shaft .. you take me out of your mouth and give me a cheeky little smile as your hand starts to slowly **** my hard **** in front of you .. you can feel my body tense up as grip me with your hand .. I'm so horny, so excited, so exposed, naked infront of you, with a hard wet **** being controlled and teased by you.

I look down, you are so amazing, so pretty, your beautiful hair, your beautiful eyes, your heaving chest and your amazing wet lips .. I'm dying to reach down and pull you down onto my ****, pulling your hair and controlling you, but you are in control here and you know it .. You sit back up onto the chair, you see I'm a little disappointed you are stopping so soon .. but you pull the chair closer and hitch your skirt back up .. you slide your right hand down your body to find your sexy little **** .. its aching and you can't resist gently rubbing it as you look into my eyes .. you can see that I want you, need you, have to have you .. with your right hand you reach out and dip your head, guiding my **** into your warm, wet, waiting mouth .. Slowly you start to run little rings around the head with your tongue as you gently suck on it .. drawing my **** slowly further into your mouth as you tease your **** with your fingers.

You press your finger a little harder onto your **** and moan slightly as it starts to tingle .. I can feel the vibrations of your moan on my **** as you slowly **** it into your mouth .. looking down and seeing your sexy lips around my shaft is so very sexy.

I pull myself out of your mouth, reach down and run my hand through your hair and down your neck ... your finger moves a little quicker on your **** and you moan as my fingers run across your sensitive neck and shoulders .. you bite your lip, as you are still eye level with my aching **** and you can see it there hard and glistening wet in front of you .. I move my fingers under your chin and pull you up, as you stand I pull you to my mouth and kiss you deeply, tasting me in your mouth.

I reach around you and pulling your skirt up to expose your hot bum, I gently squeeze your sexy pert cheeks and pull you close to me .. kissing you harder, I lift you slightly and you can feel my hard **** pressing against your **** though your now wet panties. I run my hands around to your hips and finding the elastic of your panties I lip them over my fingers and slowly start to guide them down over your hips .. I slide them down as far as the tops of your holdups and leaving them there, my hands return to your sexy bum and pull you close to me ... omg, I can feel you pressing against my **** .. I can feel your soft ***** pressing against the shaft of my **** .. we both moan a little, together, as you can feel me pressing against you even more sensitive now the fabric of your panties are not between us.

I smile and move to one side .. I move behind you .. running my hands around your body .. you can feel my **** pressing against your bum as I reach around your tummy with my left hand then you feel my right hand slide up your back to your neck .. you smile and with a gentle push, I bend you forward over the desk in front of you .. I look down and hitch your skirt back up over your bum .. then you feel my hands run from your neck, over your back to your hips .. then down to the tops of you holdups .. I pinch the elastic of your panties in my fingers and then slowly slide them down the nylon covered sexiest legs I have ever seen .. Pulling them all the way down to your ankles, then down over your black high heels .. I tap your left, then your right leg as you step out of your panties.

Still kneeling I run my hands back up the inside of your legs .. giving your bum a cheekly little slap I push you forward further over the desk so you are bent right over .. you feel really vulnerable wondering what I'm going to do next, your senses hightened as you can't see what I'm doing .. you're stood there, half naked, exposed and achingly horny .. you jump a little as you feel me kiss the back of your legs just above the lace of your holdups .. you close your eyes and try and imagine what I'm going to do next .. you tingle as you feel my hands between your thighs, then run down your legs forcing you to part them even further .. your heart almost stops when you feel my hot breath lightly on your lips.

You feel something behind you gently parting your lips .. your ***** is so wet and aching, you close your eyes and try and imagine what I'm doing as you can't tell if its my finger or my tongue that is gently teasing your warm little ***** from behind .. you feel me kiss your bum and you cast a knowing smile as my finger works its way down over your **** .. I gently press and your **** so very wet slips under my finger .. I gently start to make little circles around your hard **** and you gasp as, at the same time, you feel my tongue starting to lick up your lips from your **** .. mmmmmm .. i can taste your wet ***** as my tongue starts to tease its way between your soft lips .. you bite your lip a little as you feel my tongue sliding inside you .. deeper .. mmmm .. you feel my finger teasing your **** as my tongue slides slowly into you and then tickles you as it pulls out of you.

You gasp a little as I quickly push my tongue back inside you .. moving my finger faster as you feel my tongue inside you deeper than ever .. omg you taste so good .. you hear my moan as my finger teases your **** faster and faster and my tongue slowly, oh so very slowly is ******* you from behind .. you grip down on the edge of the desk, pulling yourself further onto the desk, so that you are on tip-toes and your bum is right up in the air, exposing even more of your beautiful hot ***** .. mmm I lean back .. and you moan a little as I smack your bum again .. grizzling "your a bad girl" I smack you again .. then, tickling your bum you feel my fingers work their way back between your legs .. you feel yourself this is the point of no return.

You are so horny, there will be no holding back if I start to lick you again .. sure enough you feel my finger slowly find your willing little **** and you smile as I slowly start to massage it .. you hear me softly whisper "I'm going to make you *** darling" I'm so close to your ***** you can feel the words against your wet lips .. you can feel my hot breath almost inside you .. then .. then you feel my tongue trace a little route down over your bum and straight into your ***** .. you gasp as you feel me pressing deep into you .. you can feel first one finger then two wet fingers pressing and teasing your hard **** .. omg, then my tongue sliding inside you again .. as i pull out of you, you feel me run a cheeky lick over your lips then i slide my tongue between them and into your aching *****.

I can feel you getting wetter .. i can feel my **** getting wetter too its aching for you and I can feel I'm so turned on I'm close to ******* myself .. omg you taste so hot, so wet, so beautiful, you are sex and I'm loving it and I can't get enough of it .. you moan as your **** starts to tingle even more .. your breathing faster and you reach into your blouse so you can pinch your nipple .. you gasp as you feel me ******* you with my tongue faster and my fingers rubbing you faster .. this is it .. you can just get out "oh god, please don't stop" under your breath .. I smile as I'm pressing slightly harder on your **** and I move my other hand up over your bum and pull you down onto my tongue .. I can see your legs starting to shake .. the muscles in your legs tighten and .. .. .. .. omg i can feel your ***** grip my tongue as you pull yourself down to the table and scream as you have an INTENSE ****** .. your ***** pulsating as you *** runs down off my tongue and drips onto my aching **** .. you collapse down onto the desk .. and sigh a very very satisfied sigh .. you manage to utter a little "phew" and "wow" .. and try and catch you breath .. you look back to smile at me .. you can see my wet hard **** dripping with excitement and my naked body there behind you .. then your eyes open wide as I step forward "oh my god" you whisper as you feel the head of my **** press gently against your wet lips.......... x
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