The Pen Dropped

I found out that my wife liked the idea of me ******* other women. We had an active sex life and shared our sexiest fantasies with each other. One day after work when we were changing out of our work clothes, knowing she liked the idea of me having sex with another woman, I made up a story that I had sex with a woman at work that day. She got so hot hearing that, she ripped my clothes off, dragged me down to the bed and slid herself down on my hard **** insisting I tell her every detail, while she rode up and down on me. Her ***** was wetter than I'd ever felt. So I embellished the story I'd started and made up details as my wife rode me harder and faster. I finished the story as she finished pumping on me with an electrifying ******. After she slowed down and stopped shaking, she asked me in an excited, breathless whisper if that really happened. I made the mistake of being honest and told her I just made it up because I knew how turned on she got at the idea of me ******* another woman. Her blissful state changed immediately as she quickly dismounted from my ****. With a slightly pissed off tone, she told me, "Don't ever tell me another story like that unless it's absolutely true." "Okay."

Well, I shared an office with a very attractive, slim, blonde woman who sat at the desk next to me. Our work areas were side-by-side U shapes with a partion on the desktop between us. We couldn't see each other without getting up and walking around the partition. She was married at the time too, but we talked about everything, flirted a bit too, once in a while it just bordered on intense. Hard not to with a coworker as hot as she was. One day my pretty coworker wore a dress to work. A summery, yellow number, with a narrow waist that then flaired out wider to the bottom. I complimented her on how attractive she looked, as I wondered what the occasion was. She never wore a dress to work before. She walked back in the office and sat down at her desk, as I was lamenting the partition between us that would prevent my eyes from savoring her beauty. A minute later she told me she had dropped her pen and it had rolled over to my side under the desks, would I get it for her? Now the desks were completely open underneath. I agreed and dove under the desks to retrieve the pen. I found the pen and looked up to find that she had removed her pantyhose and panties and had her dress hiked up around her waist with her legs spread open wide. What a beautiful sight looking right up between her smooth legs at the wet lips of her *****. She slid down in her chair till her butt was barely on the edge of the seat. I crawled over and kissed the inside of her knee. Her legs spread wider. I kissed the inside of her other knee. I heard a quick intake of her breath. I kissed the inside of her thighs, slowly kissing and nibbling closer to her wet, sweet spot. I stopped with my mouth just one inch from her *****. I blew on it softly. I could feel her anticipation and excitement. Then ever so slowly my tongue touched her lips as I licked up one side, over her **** and down the other side. I licked inside her, tasting her juices and then licked up to her **** again...and 'round and around her ****. She began to tense up. Her breathing quickened quietly. I wrapped my lips around her **** and began sucking on it as I slid my fingers inside her. I could feel her ****** building. I sucked her **** faster. Flicking it with my tongue til she began to tremble and shudder in a carefully controlled quiet ******. After a moment, I felt her legs relax. I licked her wetness one last time, sliding my tongue inside her. Then I crawled out from under the desks and sat back down in my chair.

I was just getting my head around what had just happened, when I was spun around in my chair. She had come around the partition, spun me around to face her and without so much as a word, unzipped my slacks and pulled my hard throbbing **** out of my pants. Then she just stood back looking at my penis jutting out of my fly right there in the office. She's looking at it, I'm looking at it, it's standing at attention throbbing. Then this sexy transformed coworker, who never hinted at anything like this...I mean flirting's one thing...pulled her dress up around her waist, turned around, backed up straddling me and lowered herself down. I felt the head of my **** touch her wet **** lips then penetrate fully inside her as she sat down on my lap. Oh that felt soooo good and was just what my throbbing member was wanting, but that's what it's always wanting. At the same time though, I couldn't believe what we were doing right here at work, right in the middle of the day. Anyone could have walked in on us. She fanned her dress out covering us and just sat there squirming on my **** squeezing it with her *****. Then she lifted up til my **** almost came out of her. Then she sat down hard. Oh, yes! She did that a few more times, then started a steady rhythm up and down enjoying the feeling of my hard **** sliding in and out of her. I wasn't going to last long and told her I was about to ***. She sped up her stroking and I felt my tension build to the breaking point. I came inside her, pumping til I was drained of ***. After a moment, she stood up, put me back in my pants, zipped me up and strolled off to the bathroom to put her panties and pantyhose back on.

Wow, did I have a story to tell my wife!
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