Office Fun

When I was in college, I clerked for a law firm through my freshman year. I worked odd hours, some early, some late, depending on my class schedule and what was needed. There were several very attractive paralegals. I got to know one very well. Lisa had dark brown hair, haunting Grey eyes, was 5'6" with great curves she loved to tease me with.

I had been trying to get into her skirt for a while and she thoroughly enjoyed taunting and flashing me.

I was there late on a Friday getting files ready for a court filing on Monday and Lisa was helping. At least for a while she helped.
Then she disappeared. When I went looking, I found her in a partner's office, spinning in his chair with three buttons on her blouse open showing a hint of the lace bra underneath. I asked what she was up to as we needed to finish. She felt that we needed a break. She licked her lips and leaned back in the chair. When I moved close enough, she grabbed my belt and started to unbuckle me.

I reached down and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and unhooked her bra. I leaned over and kissed her lips then moved to her neck. She arched her back and pushed my head to her nipples. She knew what she wanted.

As I nibbled, sucked, and teased with my tongue, my hands pushed her skirt up. I was very happily surprised to find no panties, just thigh highs. Her legs parted as my nails scraped along her inner thigh and she moaned.

I lifted her out of the chair and onto the partner's desk. My head moved to her slit, barely flicking my tongue along it. She wrapped her hands in my hair and pulled me into her. I pushed my tongue in. She didn't let go until she covered my face with her juices.

I stood up and finished unzipping my pants. I stepped out of them and moved toward her face. She parted her red lips as I slid it into her mouth.

By this time, the sun had set and the lights of the city shown through the windows. I had an idea. I pulled my **** from her mouth and told her to get up. I flipped on the lamp on the end table then pulled her to the window.

She couldn't believe what I was planning. I turned her to the glass, pulled her blouse and bra off and pushed her **** against the cold glass. I came behind her and slid into her hot *****, holding her hands against the glass. Slowly I started pumping. I wanted this to last. She pushed her *** against me as I pulled back. I pushed into her and told her about all the people that could be watching us as we ******, as my **** went into her *****,;about how the cold glass made her nipples so hard.

I let go of her hands, reached for her hair and pulled her head back. I kissed her lips hard then bit at her neck. My other hand reached around to twist her nipple. I pounded into her and she pushed back again and again! Soon, i couldn't stop. I shot into her. We both fell against the glass.

I know that we finished getting the files together, but it took a lot longer than it could have......
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That's the dream right there...

Dang - that brings back some fond memories! I still remember walking around with a hand in my pocket to hold down my erections.

Very hot story. Back then [+/- 20 yrs] one did not have to think about security cameras, but now many offices have them.... which could add to the thrill or shorten a career... :0

Unless the people know a staffer on security that can get you those on a flash drive.

Incredibly hot and memorable! Let's hear it for partner's desks, to begin with... --DW

Point well taken on the other office furniture as well as classy educated women. ;-) --DW

Break in all the office furniture you can

Some lawyers treat their own office's like their own harems or hunting ground.

Fantastic story! VERY hot. Did you two ever do it again?

Reminds me a lot of the first couple times I had my now-wife, back when she was still a temp secretary in my office... see the full story (Part 1) on my profile.

A great story!

Hot story !!

that exhausted me, great story.

Better revenge is getting the **** or her life. While the attorney's desk you are using is watching.

Wow, that w as hot! Sooo, where do you work now??? Lol

Why make it quieter. go back to having fun like the old days

Great story getting this paralegal. So what this a one time deal with lisa,or did you have sex with her all the time while in college.

That happens man. So during those couple months where you still having sex with her. When she quit did you still keep in contact with her

So tell the other story then.That sucks man she took a job so far away. You should have still keep in contact with her