The Volunteer Fire Department Christmas Party Sex

This isn't really my story to tell. It was related to me by two or three others who attended this party.

It seems that there is an annual tradition to hold the Christmas Holiday party inside the Volunteer Fire Department in the nearby rural area north of our community. Over the years, it has gotten pretty wild, as the younger men have replaced some of the older, more mature retirees, and the parties have gotten, well, wilder.

Not that the older men and their wives don't drink. They do, but some of the shenanigans and tom-foolery that we have heard of...well, it sounds like a younger set that had been in charge in the past.

To start off with, the VFD building is shut down to the public, and all calls are routed to alternative responders. That means, if a call comes in, the hall will not be disturbed, and anyone drinking will NOT be going out on a run, no matter what. It is well understood that others have been scheduled to be on-call for this night.

The drinking starts early and can be intense, but there is also a pot-luck meal that you would no believe. Everyone brings something to pass, and the VFD buys a large ham cooked by the local Kroger and delivered hot to the buffet. There is also a turkey purchased by the local police department's union, and that covers the major expenses. Of course, there's a beer keg on ice behind the building, not technically on their property, and everyone has designated drivers to get them there and home again safely.

But after the meal and the older folks excuse themselves to go home, then the dancing in the gathering hall begins, with one of the staff supplying the music and the PA system. And the lights go down, along with the expected mirror ball twirling. People drink, and they dance, and they grope, and then make passes.

Well, you get the picture.
It's more clear when you hear about Sam and his girlfriend. They were getting pretty hot and heavy on the dance floor, and people kept calling to them to "get a room" and teasing them to take it elsewhere. So they did.

From what we hear, they left the dance floor and walked into he garage, where the trucks were stored. Sam opened up the passenger door on the far side of engine 2 and helped his gal up into the cab, and then the clothes started coming off. By the time they were finished necking and sucking, they were both in the nude, and she was riding on his naked lap. Others were standing in the doorway of the garage, watching the action, and giving them a little room, but there was no question that there was an audience on the far side of the room. We don't think Sam and his girl knew, nor did they care at that point.

The games continued, and one by one, couples were either sobering up, or preparing to leave the party, cause the horney guys were starting to proposition each other's wives or girlfriends, despite any prior relationships. Some couples would pair off and go smooch in the office, and some went out back to "get another beer". But about 4 a.m. most everyone was leaving, with only the most sober allowed to drink.

Now Denise was nuts for any guy in uniform, and since she had been invited by a cop to attend this party, it was pretty clear that the longer the night went on, that everyone was expected to be screwing before the night was over. So when he proposed they move the party back to his place, and several other couples went with them, well, how could she refuse.

Once they were back at his place, he showed them his hot tub which was up and operating, and invited them all to enjoy it. Clothes came off in a hurry, and at least six people were in the tub, soaking and smooching but not going very far. Denise said she wanted to clean up first, and so she and her man went into his bedroom and closed the door. They didn't come out again.

In the meantime, the naked gals and guys in the hot tub didn't miss them. They were soaking and drinking and enjoying themselves. After a half an hour, Denise somewhat timidly poked her head out of the bedroom and asked if there was still room in the tub. She moved from the bedroom into the tub, clutching a bed pillow in front and behind her naked form, so that nobody would suspect she was nude. But in order to get into the tub, she had to drop the pillows, and so they all saw that she was nude anyway. Her date never came out of the bedroom, as he was passed out in bed, asleep. She continued to drink and laugh and flirt, without admitting what they had done in the bedroom, but everyone knew. They couldn't figure out why she didn't want to admit it.

Tammy was her coworker, and she made no bones about being nude in the tub with her boyfriend. They had been drinking, but Tammy was sobering up, so she makes a pretty good witness to this. While to tub bubbled away, various couples would occasionally kiss or sit on one another, and eventually, Denise was teased into sharing a kiss. Before long, she was kissing one of the women and the scene started getting pretty hot.

Tammy won't go into detail of what she saw or what everyone did, but she says within the hour, she was ready to go home with her boyfriend, and the last she saw, Denise was deep kissing another girl and feeling no pain.

Later, we heard that Denise had crawled back into the bedroom and fell asleep with her date. But she was heard to say the next Monday at work that she didn't understand why guy's dicks looked so odd. She said that they certainly look unusual up close, and she didn't understand why.

We just looked at one another, and wondered where she was going with this. She laughed and said that she never noticed it before. We figured she had gotten up close and personal with more than one in her face during the party, but nobody called her out on it.

Tammy refused to say anything more, but the fact that she told about the pillow and wanting to leave with her boyfriend let us know something more than saliva was being swapped.

For years, we've heard of wild parties at the VFD hall, and maybe someday well get an invite to go see for ourselves. But for now, let's hope that Denise is there to show off again.
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Dec 14, 2012