My First Job

It all started with my very first job interview. I was applying for a part time clerk job while I was still in school. I showed up for the interview wearing a skirt and blouse. After talking to the owner for some time he asked what I would be willing to do to get the job. I told what ever I needed to do. He walked around in front of me and let his pants fall to the floor. Actually I was pleasantly surprised as I watched it rise. I cared for his need.

I worked there for two years and every Friday my boss would bring me in his office after everyone went home. He would have me lean over his desk lift my skirt up and do me from behind. He was long and thick and when he would thrust he would rube my **** I would go wild.  

I am sure that he would have been in a lot of trouble if anyone found out. But, I wasn't going to tell. 

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8 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I would have kept you with the company...created a new position especially for you...executive assistant.

a woman 4 all seasons & reason luv ya

Did your friends stay late on Mon, Tues, Wed, or Thurs?

Did you sleep your way to the top, I wonder?

amazing story... do you need a job?

A good worker is hard to find. Was it like ending a romance when you moved on?

i wouldn't tell either ... just enjoy.

Several nice eperiences at work