1/5 Cut, 3x5 Index Card Dividers


I'm checking in here to see if any of you can help me find a supplier of an item I'd been buying for decades at the University Book Store in Seattle. But one day I went in to get some more, and they told me that the item had been discontinued.

What I'm looking for are 1/5 cut, blank, tabbed 3x5 dividers.

I'm a compulsive note taker, and write notes on 3x5 scratch pads. I use the dividers to organize my notes into categories for future reference. And it seems that, in addition to being a compulsive note taker, I'm also a compulsive category maker too, because I'm always thinking up new categories and sub-categories for sorting and organizing my notes.

If you, like me, are clueless about where to find these 1/5 cut dividers, maybe you know of other online forums where folks trade ideas and info about office supplies.

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"

TheOriginalCluelessinSeattle TheOriginalCluelessinSeattle
66-70, M
Apr 2, 2012