One of My Favorite Groups

Oingo Boingo was my favorite group during late high school and early college. I love songs with quirky lyrics (especially their early stuff). About 10 years ago I sold all my record albums - my record player broke and I didn't want to replace it since all my new music was on CD. I should really check into getting some of that music back.
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2 Responses Dec 27, 2007

Lets see I do have Boi-ngo and Dark End of the Tunnel on CD - but these aren't the same as their earlier stuff. On record I used to have the EP (picture on the group), Only a Lad, Noting to Fear, Dead Man's Party, and Good for Your Soul-this was the first of their albums I bought - I was introduced to them through the movie Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks - Danny Elfman did the sound track.

i like what i've heard, but that isn't much. i really love danny elfman though and i have a discography on a dvd around here somewhere that I haven't really listened to yet. so busy lately