I Love Oklahoma

1. I love the blue sky! The sky is never bluer than in Oklahoma.

2. I love the genuine people.

3. I love that everyone helps each other.

4. I love that things revolve around football.

5. I love Tulip season.

6. I love the giant boob over by 36th street in OKC.

7. I love Oklahoma weather because it is a team sport.

8. I love the lakes.

9. I love the fact that the grass dies in the summer so that I don't have mow it.

10. I love the expression on peoples faces when you tell them you are from Oklahoma and the questions that they ask!

11. I love the liquor store to church ratio.

12. I love the fact that people call sodas/pop cokes.  do you want a coke? yes! What kind?

13. I love that we named two airports after people who died in plane crashes.

14. I love that we almost went to war with Texas.


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1 Response Jun 18, 2007