The Derelict Council Dwelling:-)

it stood alone derelict as the day it was born .. noone ventured in noone ventured out, shabby little spirits could be seen walking through the walls only to the psychic eye .. only shabby because in their world appearance did not matter...... the house stood on a hill with a deep moat of boiling red wine curling around it .. anyone that ventured near whispered to the inhabitant "can i come through " ... not that many people of normality ventured near ..... the house was old , ancient in fact .. arthiritis in the floor boards.. the windows had seen better days all murky and an obsolete look in their eyes ...... it was cold too, cold because the only life there was long gone decomposed into deadly nightshade.. this house has taken on its previous owners form and those who dare entered only came up against much misery and malaise ... old old house please burn to the ground :-)
psychicprayer psychicprayer
Nov 29, 2012