Needless To Say

A house has a soul.  Not always, but when it's there for some time, the chance is real that lot's of different events happened within it's walls and that strong emotions were expressed there. 

Maybe an unknown law in physics one day will reveal that stones can absorb residues of forceful but not necessarily material expressions. 

People with a certain degree of imagination and those who are susceptible to atmospheres know that a new house is 'cold'.

They also feel the special thrill of the house where a big writer worked or a great painter.  They love pilgrimages and discoveries. 

A house only gets a soul if it's there for a while.  I even think that the intensity by which the tenants used it adds a lot to 'warm it up'.

Even age old ruins sometimes silently and in an unknown language speak.

A bit like water, what is old starts to tell its story to the one who lends an ear.

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56-60, M
Feb 8, 2010