And Yet Now I Don't Own Any

I have had some old cameras in my 70 years. The first I remember was a fixed-focus, fixed-exposure "**** Tracy" camera I had while I was in grade school. I remember one picture I took of myself Ala the camera phone pictures with the arm extending out of the picture to the camera position. I was wearing a colorful striped shirt. Figuring the mystery of how the negative related to the positive, without realizing the base color of the file was involved, had me mesmerized for hours.

I had a Kodak Autograph, with a little window with a light-tight door that you could open and write on the film to have the writing show up on the print. I don't remember if the film size was no longer available but I can't remember any pictures - but I do sort of remember trying to write so maybe I did have some film. I do know I hated estimating the distance that I would have to set for focus, and exposure ??? I was scared to operate that camera.

Then there were some unremarkable cameras I can not say anything about.

A Nikon F from the late 1950's - ought to be some kind of collectible now.

And most recently my late wife bought each of us 10MP digital cameras and when she wanted me to show it was a good idea she wanted my old film cameras out. No pawn shop was the least bit interested. So I just gave them to somebody from my apartment who was interested in photography - he got a Canon EF and an early Canon F-1 maybe collectible.

But now, I have none of those oldies but goodies.
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And if the OM2 is your only camera you do know how to get digital images from your film - either when processing or afterward? Right?

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You're joking about knowing how, right?

I bought my first camera in Japan in 81. I didn't speak Japanese, and they didn't speak English, so I had to just pick. And mind you I knew nothing of photography. I bought a Olympus OM2, which is now a collectable. Not expensive, but worth more than I paid for it. And I am not getting rid of it for any price.<br />
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I carried it half way around the world, just too many memories. Now if I only knew how to shoot