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Bring Back The Old Cartoons

cartoon netwrok used to show such amazing cartoons when i was a kid...During the 90's..they showed swatkats..dexters lab..captain planet..centurions.....which used to have good animation..nice story line..fantastic characters...and good old action stuff for kids...SK was my favourite..loved the jet...turbokat...then by 2000 they showed batman animated....batman of the future..powerpuff girls..which were also good....but now its really a shame how cartoon network is showing such substandard stupid cartoons.....i think it may make the kids retarded...
There r a lot of guys like me who want to bring back the old cartoons especially swatkats...even though the probability of that happening is almost nil...
slimguy12 slimguy12 22-25, M 6 Responses Oct 24, 2011

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OMG!! I can't believe that I found someone who loves old cartoons as much as I do! I absolutely loved Swat Kats and Dexter's Lab. I've managed to get all the Swat Kats episodes on my computer and like to watch them again and again. I often wished as a child (and still do!) that I had my own secret hangar and laboratory! Wouldn't that be cool?! And Batman was so cool and deliciously dark... The theme song still gives me goosebumps!
You should really watch Samurai Jack (I've got the full series of that too). Its another amazing cartoon... And yes, they really should ban the trash they show to kids nowadays. Its causing brain-damage.

OMG|..i think we hav such a lot in common...coz..when i was a kid...i also wanted my secret hangar...and the jet.,,and u wudnt believe this..but i was so crazy over dexters lab..that i started a small lab on my room....and i really believed that i cud make it into a big one...actually there was so much creativity in us when we were children... yes . the themes songs of batman..animated series..batman beyond..johny quest..dexters lab..all gives me goose bumps...but my fav was swatkats intro..
I also have the entire season 1 and 2 swatkats on my pc..luved season 2 more than 1 season 1 the animation was done in american studio..and season 2 in japanese studio...season 2 had better animation than the first..

lila and stitch and the old strawberry short cake and the old my little pony as a child were my favorite as well as scooby doo scrappy too and bugs bunny *wats up doc*

To bring back the old cartoons is to bring back "Tom and Jerry", "Scooby Doo", "Bugs Bunny", and "Superman".

And Pink Panther, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Huckleberry Hound... ;-)

Love Pink Panther

OMG I was totally schooling my niece on the old school cartoons especially Swat Kats , Dexter's laboratory, Salor moon, Johnny Quest and much more I totally agree the cartoon now are going to make kids stupid :( Boomerang still shows some


I am with you bro! Like you i too grew up watching them in cartoon network. But what to do currently kids have to see this crap only. I feel atleast we were lucky to experience it in our child hood.<br />
<br />
Cartoons I loved - Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, Swat Kats, Jonny Quest, Dexter's Laboratory, Centurions, Ninja Robots, Courage the cowardly dog, Powerpuff girls, Captain planet, Popeye the sailor, Wacky Races, All star Laffalympics and there are some more but I can't remember. very find u me..

"There r a lot of guys like me who want to bring back the old cartoons ..." Hellooo Girls too want them back , i miss swat Kats i so wanted them to make a movie

really...??/ so kno tat glas too love swatkats..i also want them to make a movie..but more like a cartoon movie ..90 style animation and not 3d animation..