Let's Have A Comeback

A girl sits quietly at the knee of one who has mastered an ancient skill. Daily she learns and practices her lessons until one day she also becomes a master. She graduates out onto her own, carrying knowledge passed down for centuries, ready to put it into practice for the good of all mankind. One day she too will pass on that knowledge, as it was for her, from mother to daughter.

When I say the word housewife, most people think of a mentally ill 'June Cleaver' hopped up on pills and liquor, pushing around a vacuum cleaner in high heels. The truth is that a housewife is just a woman who stays at home and cares for her home and family, but before modern conveniences and insane artificial ideas, there was something more, there was an art.

Have you ever been able to prevent life threatening complications while assisting a woman to give birth? Did you know that making soap is a dangerous undertaking that could result in a small explosion? Do you know how much practice it takes to be able to knit a comfortable sock while sitting in a rocking chair and holding a conversation? Could you keep healthy bees that pollinate orchards and then safely harvest the honey and use the wax to make candles? Have you ever milked a cow or churned butter? Do you know how to preserve your own foods in a totally sterile environment so they will last 10 years? Can you light a fire and cook a 6 course meal every morning on a wood fired oven?

There are a lot of people that would think things like this are "quaint" but obsolete and redundant, but they are wrong. Natural do-it-yourself homemaking skills like these are very nessicary in all but the richest of countries and even they were built on them and are sure to need them again, but what is more, if these things were practiced, the family, community, society and the world would be a better, happier, wiser and healthier place. (Which is exactly why this needed form of art is under attack, someone hates humanity, can you guess who?)

The value of a skilled old fashioned housewife is immeasurable.

By raising girls to be skilled old fashioned housewives, many innumerable and natural benefits are gained and promoted, far too many for me to list but I will mention a few.

1. Women who practice this lifestyle assume their natural role which brings fulfillment, stability, strength and health to themselves and their family unit.
2. It is a highly valuable skillset that reduces the family's dependency, saves money, builds in preparedness, produces surplus and bartering items and ensures the high quality and safety of many of the family's goods.
3. These skills and habits help a family to survive many challenges.
4. It keeps women out of a lot of trouble they would otherwise be causing or increasing.
5. It is the perfect companion occupation to the homesteader/survivalist/farmer/rancher/carpenter (old fashioned Husband), when the two arts are used in cooperation, the maximum level of independence and self sufficiency humanly possible are achieved for the family unit.
6. Children raised by women who practice this art are far healthier, happier, more skilled and wiser than children who are not.
7. It is a virtuous and honorable occupation that can be insulted but never invalidated.
8. Those who practice it gain a strong sense of fulfillment as women and general accomplishment, honor and worth.
9. Men of the highest quality find the skilled practice of this art to be an attractive and valued trait that helps them feel fulfilled as men.
10. Those who practice a full range of the skills included in this art get regular exercise without having to perform exercise for exercise's sake.
11. Practice of this art increases wisdom and stability of mind.

There are hundreds of other reasons why the practice of old fashioned housewifery is one of the most valuable and beneficial occupations for women, but I will leave the reader to consider those reasons for themselves with this list of a few of the elite skills that are possessed by expert old fashioned housewives:

Dairy processing i.e. milking, centrifugation, churning, cheesemaking
Nursing and field medicine
Canning and preserving
Natural textile fabrication
Leather tanning
Sanitation and disease prevention
Smoking and drying foods
Perfume making
First aid
Culinary mastery
Nutritional proficiency
Basic stock keeping
Orchard keeping
Child rearing
Animal husbandry
Proficiency with a musical instrument
Candy making
Political awareness
Biblical memorization
Creative and communicative writing
Basic pyrology
Basic accounting
And much more
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jeez why don't you just MARRY the bible? I think you two would be very happy together and lead a long, sheltered, boring, uninformed, uneducated, sexist life together. <br />
Have fun you two

What you are doing, you are doing to your own severe detriment and you ought to stop.

After reading some of your posts, and comments, I am not here to try to impose My views, I actually enjoy reading your posts, in some weird and twisted way. The irony is that since I do not share your philosophical views on "male supremacy" then I should not agree with you on any of your points. However that is wrong, since I actually do agree with a lot of your points, one being the value of a "skilled old fashioned housewife". <br />
<br />
Although, I would extend this a bit further, and say the value of every woman (housewife or not) who's skilled in the art of "old fashioned housewife" knowledge & practices. I like to think of Myself as an Alpha female, (perhaps because, as you say, the western male has in fact grown weak and complacent with himself, I won't argue with that, sure, since seriously I have NOT met one true alpha male, and I've known a lot of males: from backwoods country boys to educated, ivy league intellectuals). I see My own supremacy, while I'm surrounded by bubble-heads: women & men alike. Also, as much I am comfortable in the city, am a collage graduate, self employed, etc., I can also function in the country - I can milk a cow, skin & gut a rabbit, chicken or fish, cook on a wood burning stove, knit a sweater, garden, etc., and I can actually find pleasure and peace in doing it. <br />
<br />
What really struck a cord within Me is how your opposition likes to keeps insisting that you ought to change your way of thinking. wtf? All this bs about freedom of speech, and the right to pursue happiness, but constantly someone is trying to censor somebody else if they are not saying or doing what they like to hear & see. I know what I know, and although our philosophical views differ, hearing you speak your mind does not offend Me. And I do not feel compelled to change your mind, it is obvious to Me that you have given a great deal of thought to this, it is evident in your style of writing, and responding to others. <br />
<br />
BTW, I just luv your illustration of "mentally ill 'June Cleaver' hopped up on pills and liquor, pushing around a vacuum cleaner in high heels". That's how I always thought about american housewives. Also you might be right that IF more knew these skills and practiced them on regular basis the world would be a better, happier, wiser and healthier place.

Woodsmankayl has posted this story almost 7 months ago. Why is everyone replying now? And why all the bashing?

Perseverer, Nice to hear from someone that understands what I am saying. I have never had a greater feeling of satisfaction and well being then when my family and I were homesteading on my own land. Circumstances have unsettled me for the moment but I pray that I can soon acquire new land and resume my wonderful, natural country lifestyle, and when the hard times come, I will be better prepared to face it then those who think plastic, concrete and walmart is forever. I do pity those who truly are not able to live this way and I pray as many as possible that want it can find a way.<br />
<br />
Your comment brought back fond memories, be well and be with GOD.

I actually loved this story and totally approve of it. I was fortunate to be raised for at least part of my life in an area where many people lived with these skills. I could add others too, such as the different types of angling one needs to know in order to catch fish for dinner. I remember the joy of visiting relatives who would serve pikelets all made with home grown products including the recipe for creamed honey, made from their own bees. I knew people who had lived their whole lives in the same home and actually helped Mother with the delivery of their younger siblings. There is a real joy in living on your own land and cultivating your own produce. It is a way of life not available to many nowadays and I think that this is a great shame.

1Gia, after extensive and ongoing study, yes, I am qualified to give sc<x>riptural lessons on many subjects. <br />
<br />
Sister, I have nothing against you but I think you have an inaccurate picture of the ministry of JESUS, HE was a lot more abrupt and to the point than I think you are imagining and though many souls starving for the truth longed for HIM and HIS words, the rich despised HIM, you must understand Americans are rich (even the 'poor' ones), a word that would be received as a jewel of hope by someone poor is cast aside as worthless by those spoiled hedonists who think they have everything figured out. I tell the truth, it is a light to those who want light and to those who do not, it is a hated exposure of their shames. Sometimes the truth is rough on the ears of the wicked, that does not diminish its value or the necessity of telling it. Don't forget that this conversation started with my extolling the virtues of women's natural role, after that I have merely been responding to what others have said to me, but regardless of the reason, the truth is worthy of telling and I am always willing to do so.<br />
<br />
You said "teaching is only successful if you get positive results"? First, define positive results, does that mean that it is received with a grateful smile 100% of the time? These people react with anger at what I am saying because the television/media and peer pressure told them to react that way, so they do because of a predicted deep instinctual fear of not fitting in and a shallow conscious fear of losing their freedom to openly commit heinous sins. 60 years ago what I am saying would be met with common approval, and that is not because society is 'so much smarter' now, it is because society has been deeply perverted to avoid the truth to a greater extent than ever. The advance of technology is not evolution, it is part of a carefully planned conspiracy to brainwash and twist the minds of the masses into believing themselves to be 'educated' when they reject the basic fundamental truths of life and to spread such deception more thoroughly. The television was originally called the 'iconoscope' for a reason, it means 'false god projector' and that is what it has done and increasingly still does. Life imitates art, if the 'gods' in the media wear it, so do the masses, if the 'gods' in the media say it, so do the masses, and so and so on. The common reactions have been calculated, rehearsed and programmed into the people and it has been according to the will of the devil. It is not my job or the church's job to sugar coat the truth to stay within the devil defined trends and paradigms or to omit things in order to beguile the unrepentant into 'liking' us, it is our job to love our neighbors enough to shoot them straight.<br />
<br />
For me telling the truth is positive in and of itself, apparently for JESUS too, as many people who heard what HE said did not like and in fact hated what HE said and subsequently hated HIM for saying it.<br />
<br />
You are saying my delivery of the truth is flawed, why flawed, stating things plainly and boldly is the best way, I will not be effeminate, cowardly or abashed about these things, they need to be screamed from the rooftops and if sodom doesn't like it, whoa unto them. I am not here to please men. Remember to be a friend of this world is to be an enemy of GOD, I call the willing to join the family of GOD, and those who choose to be swine to think twice.<br />
<br />
I am curious, what have I said here that you have taken such offense at? <br />
<br />
Biya, the truth is a filter by which I determine who I will associate with. By merely being in the world I am around those who hate what I know to be true, to them I do no harm and I give them as I would like to receive, my heart is not bearing malice to them and I wish better things for them but I cant decide for them, if they do not want my ways they dont take them, if they dont want my company I do not follow them home, however I can and do decide who I wish to associate with on a personal level and so does anyone else who has that choice. <br />
<br />
And by the way, even if every person on earth shunned me for what I am saying, I would still say it, I love people and I do not want to be without human companionship but I will not trade GOD for any man. Also, what have I said that you find so offensive? Is it not simply my acknowledgment that women are inferior to men and ought to be (and are, whether voluntary or not) in subjection to men? Attacking the messenger wont change the truth, even if you harped me into retracting what I have said, would that really change the nature of the universe? I choose courage and honor, 'getting along' with smiley profane self centered delusional hedonist judas's is just not a sweet enough morsel to make me give up the high ground. For the record I dont hate you, I just wont share or enable any artificial ideas which can only exist in a sheltered bubble. I invite you to look with self honesty at the world around you and also to seek THE REAL GOD (not just to make one up who has a perpetual 'thumbs up' for anything you wish to rationalize) and learn from HIM directly for yourself.<br />
<br />
Lastly, to all that read this, there will come two profits in the midst of the outpouring of GOD's wrath (the great tribulation-of which we are currently in the birth pangs of) and they will preach against the lies of this world harshly, all non(and fake)believers will hate and curse them, but GOD will love those two profits and HE will punish those who oppose them severely.

Once again you fail to comprehend. No I am definitely not one of them, I am pretty sure they will be Moses and Elijah.

I agree with 1Gia. I was gonna post my reply here but thought why waste time on this neverending argument on gender, its futile and I've got things to do.... anyways, I'll say it. I think when it comes to living by God's words, and just living in this society with people around us, do you make them happy? Do people around you enjoy being around you or do they get constantly slapped with your "truths" and stop associating with you? Whats the point of all these truths if everybody takes you as somebody who spreads anger around...

I appreciate your concern for my walk with GOD, but I can tell you that you are not qualified to give me sc<x>riptural lessons, and how do you know that I only serve myself, how do you know what my motivations are. If you read more of what I have written here you would understand more about my motivations, but your calling me selfish very presumptuously. JESUS said plainly that HE was GOD and that all authority under THE FATHER resided in HIM. It is not boasting to state facts, though in these end times facts are loathed and hated and "be nice" "be tolerant" and "be 'politically correct'" have replaced "Thou shalt" and "Thou shalt not" in most of the modern so called churches. What I have stated are facts, if they offend you then you are offended by the truth.

I will tell you plainly that you are a psuedointellectual product of a very successful campaign of mind control which has been perpetrated upon you by the very same league of evil (male) masters (my real enemies) who invented the concept of sexual "equality to begin with, but due to the effectiveness of their ability to control you and also to the amount of your own will you invest in the delusion that you were spoonfed from birth, you are mentally trapped and require a miracle to see the truth. I hope you one day get that miracle. Until you do you will perceive up as down, right as left and these words as applying to me and not yourself.

hahaha how convenient, suddenly some women became superior to some men.... <br />
How do you survive on this earth, honestly?? Actually, I can understand why you crave the woods so much, it must be tough to adjust for you in this world. <br />
I don't know if your dad was never there and you've blamed it on your mom taking him away from you, but something serious must have happened to you. You're in a desperate need to feel powerful, you must have been belittled in the past somehow... this is nuts<br />
I believe in God too. Do follow his word. But pls find yourself a therapist...before its too late. <br />

Assuming the injury truly required the treatment of a doctor for my life and or limbs. Even though I dont know who Barbara Woodsman is, I am sure she is not the worlds best doctor, however I dont need the worlds best doctor, I just need a qualified doctor, and if she is the only one available then I have no choice but to gamble my life and or limbs on her skill.<br />
<br />
I dont recall saying women were worthless or without talent. But I do state the fact that women are inferior to men. Some women are superior in some ways over some men, but men are always at the very top and men hold the infrastructure of human society together and men protect humanity from destruction and most things that get done, get done by men and in general most men are superior in most ways than most women.<br />
<br />
Women severely truncate their usefulness and appeal when they will not acknowledge their true nature and purpose, but when they do, they can hold a position of great and unique value. Being a doctor is mostly missing the mark for a woman but if she is going to exhibit such penis envy then the least she can offer is an average level of proficiency and professionalism. The few times I have consulted doctors I was always disappointed if I learned it was a woman because they really generally aren't as smart or concerned as their male 'peers' (betters).

Woodsman, imagine this situation: you're driving on your bike late at night on a remote highway. You get into accident and get rushed to the nearest hospital. The only doctor on site is Barbara Woodsman, and she needs your consent to perform an emergency operation on you. Its life or death, and if you don't sign the consent form you will die. What will you do?

biya, if you believe yourself to be the equal of the men you know, your wrong but they probably make that illusion easy by their enabling and weak behavior, but you are not my equal. And fyi my mother was a feminist and my dad was a workaholic who would just let her have her way about almost everything, what made me wake up to the truth is my self honesty and natural analytical nature, I look at the world and I call it how I see it, maybe the deluded dont like for me to hurl darts of truth near their bubbles but that doesnt change reality.<br />
<br />
Guys using hallucinogens think they can fly and are brieflycarted off to the morgue, there is no 'my truth - your truth' there is only THE truth and in the real world, outside of the concrete cocoons (designed and built by men) and media deceptions/distractions (conceived and operated by men), men are still smarter, stronger, faster, with more survival wired instincts, more mental and physical fortitude and stability and more natural authority, practical creativity, logical discernment and yes even communication skills (culture tries to repress men's communication ability, but it is still latent and it is still vastly beyond that of women).<br />
<br />
I am not going to go through a laundry list of studies or so called confirmations by people wearing white coats, I can see reality for myself and so can you, men rule, men defend, men invent, men build and men maintain the world you live in that gives you enough ease of existence to believe yourself equal. I dont need anyones permission to see and acknowledge the truth nor do I need to site chapter and verse of some whitecoat's study which would just be argued and 'countered' with opposing studies by other whitecoats. People with white coats on tend to have their heads so far where the sun doesnt shine (in laboratories) that they cant be trusted and I dont need them anyway.<br />
<br />
I am telling you a self evident truth, if you wont acknowledge it then you are doing mental gymnastics to rationalize your own desired paradigm and that is called willful ignorance and there is no excuse for it.

I love evolution! It exists btw. God says to men like woodsman.
Woodsman-but God the bible says so.
God-dude it was written forever ago and people change with the times
Woodsman-but u created Adam and Eve not Adam and steve..
God-ugh u idiot, you're suppose to love everyone.
Woodsman-if I play with it. It will fall off
God-but the bible doesn't tell you so

btw you can graze and hunt in the woods all you want, but you'd be all alone

WoodsmanKayl, why is my message beneath contempt? Why do you hate the idea of women being as intelligent as men? And most importantly, all your beliefs about gender differences, what are they ba<x>sed on?? Have you actually looked at ANY research done on gender differences in IQ? Have you done any studies that confirm men are superior? Or is it ba<x>sed on the way you were raised? I have a very strong suspicion that your mom was treated by your dad in this way. She was probably stay at home, cooked and cleaned, and your dad made all decisions and at times gave her a smack or two for misbehaving. You know, you can't generalize to the rest of the world. <br />
Just to enlighten you, scientific studies (done by men and women) have shown NO difference in IQ and intelligence between men and women. For the simplest explanation, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_and_psychology <br />
Unless if you can prove otherwise. Prove it! <br />
And define what you mean by "men are stronger"? what is stronger? they have muscles...and? what does that do? If you have muscles, you can beat someone up...and end up in jail. So how are you stronger? <br />
Listen, you can spread your word all you want, but your personal beliefs amount to nothing in the end. Nobody cares. You're simply a sexist who has learned these attitudes ba<x>sed on the way you were raised and socialized. You have no prove of male superiority, no scientific ba<x>se for it, nothing. I mean you gotta do better than "we are superior. we are stronger" How? Explain! And what do you mean if any man would focus on me with intent you'd prove something to me? How, by beating me up? haha is that it? Or intellectually? I've proved myself intellectually already, and done better than many men out there who flunked out of schools (no disrespect to men intended, its just for the sake of argument). So how would you prove me?

1Gia, if you truly are a CHRISTian and not just a subject of modern culture then please think twice, sister?<br />
<br />
Biya, Men are superior in EVERY sense and nothing natural has lost its "appeal" but rather ALL natural abilities, including intellect have gained importance. The rest of your message is so far beneath contempt as to not deserve an answer greater than the one I just gave. However, I assure you, if I or many men lesser than myself were to focus on you with the specific intent, any one of us could easily take from you all you have, why? Because were stronger? Yes. Because were smarter? Yes. Because were are more naturally fit and destined to rule? Yes.<br />
<br />
Men are a wall around a garden, women are the delicate but potentially beautiful flowers growing within that safety, forsake us, forsake yourselves, for you cannot do without us.

Knowing religion and understanding are two different things woodsman.

P.S. for all men out there reading my comment, by "men falling out of style" I meant to say their dominance in this world. I have nothing against men, and love those in my life :)

WoodsmanKayl, you're right....this earth had been dominated by men for a long time.... mainly because in the evolution of human kind, men possessed more physical strength and could hunt better than women. But humans evolve, the importance of physical strength has lost its appeal..unless maybe if you are in manual labor. You MIND is what really matters now. There are machines out there being made to take care of what men used to do in the past. So guess what, men are falling out of style... (no wonder you're getting so defensive)<br />
Its true that alot of contributions have been made by men. But thats because women have never been empowered. I mean in Canada women started voting in 1918..thats pretty recent. The world is changing, very fast. There are women enrolling in colleges, more than men actually. They're making huge impacts in this world...huge. and we're not talking a small anti feminist woods talk that you post on EP. We're talking big stuff, like governing countries (Angela Merkel in Germany or Margaret Thatcher in the UK)...actually, even go back to your wooden roots and lets rewind...Queen Victoria was the longest lasting ruler in the UK. <br />
Times are changing WoodsmanKayl, and there is nothing you can do about it. Ofcourse maybe in your small village you can go around asserting your male power and searching for that perfect woman, but look around... there are women out there who rules countries, make decisions for YOU without you knowing it, head huge enterprises, and make more money than you do. In fact I probably made more money than you last year (ahhh feels goooood saying it!). What are you gonna do about it? <br />
You lost your game dude.... nothing more to say. Just look at the responses you get on EP!?! This world doesn't want and doesn't like your opinions. Nobody agrees with you. You're losing you penis size every comment of the way. <br />
And lastly, let me ask you this WoodsmanKayle, did you watch your mom getting beat up/abused by your dad? Did you cry? Just get back to those memories for a second...<br />
p.s. some reality check ;) http://www.forbes.com/wealth/power-women#p_5_s_arank

I love what u just said!

You are incorrect, I myself being a man can do all of that, but it is time consuming and less productive than the -male only- activities I would be doing while my women does these things. Good (rare) women can certainly be a help to men and a joy, but men are ever their superiors upon this earth and the only thing we 'need' women for is reproduction and certain enjoyments.

It's do* and you're pathetic if u believe that is why u need women. I guarentee I can do what u can do...but u can't do everything I do. Ha. It will never be a make dominated world, women are still gaining control each and everyday.