Glamour Is Back

THE RETURN OF GLAMOUR.YOU CANNOT escape from it. According to women's magazines from Vogue to Grazia glamour is back. Red lips, stilettos and short skirts are, we are told, essential for this spring's wardrobe. But is this hype or are girls really throwing away their Ugg boots and squeezing into pointed stilettos? The magazines seem to be right. Take a difficult teeter around some of the country's more upmarket establishments, Residence, The Shelbourne, Krystal and The Dylan - and it really does become clear that glamour has taken over. Lipstick is red and despite a touch of leather or a spiked heel, it's the sex kitten look all the way. And if the recent catwalk collections from Michael Koors, Derek Lamb, Balmain and Christian Dior are anything to go by, dressing up is certainly back in style.This new-look glamour (with a capital G), means corsets, fabulous dresses, proper makeup and glossy hair. I loved the Versace champagne silk gown that Drew Barrymore wore to The Golden Globes. It was very ‘Old Hollywood’, an event in itself.And I love the current Dolce and Gabanna ads, featuring the drop-dead gorgeous Scarlet Johansson. The pictures, all come-hither eyes and ruby lips, are glamorous in that light-up-a-room way that has lately become the preserve of the very few. So, it's time to put on your best pout and put together that movie star look. Trainers, jeans and unstructured jackets may be the garb for off-duty hours, but for fashionfollowers who want to become seriously grown-up this season, dressing up is going to be a lot of fun.  In the words of fashion bible Vogue - we will find respite from the recession with “lashings of gold, gloss, glitter and crystal.”But what exactly is glamour and, more importantly, how do you get it?  According to playwright Arthur Miller (who should know because he was married to Marilyn Monroe), 'A beautiful woman can turn heads, but real glamour has a deeper pull. Glamour has the power to rearrange people's emotions.’ The great news about glamour is that you can wear it, whatever your size. Curvy Mad Men star ChristinaHendricks certainly shows that high octane dressing works particularly well on hourglass figures; it’s simply a question of dressing to suit your shape. But first, work out what suits the proportions of your body and stick to it, rather than following the whims and dictates of catwalk fashion. That way you may even find yourself creating trends rather than following them. Remember that stars today have personal stylists, but those in the past had to find their individuality through a process of trial and error. And the greatest stars know that making a statement makes a girl stand out from the crowd. If you don't have a natural trademark, invent one — for example, the way you wear your hair, or an unusual piece of jewellery, such as a vintage charm bracelet or super-sized cocktail ring. Sleek hair, red talons and ruby red lips to match and you'll end up feeling like a million dollars. In the words of movie star Loretta Young:“Like charity, I believe glamour should begin at home.”













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Feb 9, 2010