Another Time And Place

I grew up in an old house. The stairs creaked, the foundation was made of wood, and it had a real garage. The kind of garage that was the size of the house- you could practically back a semi into it and there would still be room. I remember that old house. I know it was not as old as some houses are, but being a kid everything is magical. I think the history of old houses is what fascinates me so much. I am just paralized by excitement of the secrets they might hold.
Bed and Breakfasts really bring back that old fashioned feeling. I love when a house holds personality and tells a story. It is almost like it is captured in time. That is such of a romantic feeling.
wonderingkitten wonderingkitten
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

sure I might, on both accounts! I am sure you are so much fun. Have a good one

I know you would be a lot of fun to go to antique sales with and enjoy old things. also you might even enjoy me as a old antique .. lol