Old Houses

Every new house that is being built looks the same to me, old houses have a character and charm about them.

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I only feel at home in older houses! They have a feel to them - a life to them - new homes feel like some strange box that came home from the hospital as if I'm supposed to put a stork sign on the lawn that says 'it's a boy/girl' - all sterile and generic - but how can I do that when I can't really tell WHAT it is? I know, I'm weird........

Well said! Very true! I love older, even old homes. My favorite home I've live in was built in 1820 - <br />
a victorian style that was quite popular from about 1820 to the early 1900's. Two stories with steep roof pitches, turrets and dormers. Large porch with turned posts and decorative railing. Decorative gable trim, corbels. We only rented at the time. I would have dearly loved to have owned it. But even if the owners had been interested in selling, we couldn't afford to buy it.

I would'nt you know lol

i guess you would probably change your mind if you life in a approximately 250 year old stud work house with walls made of mud and straw which is heated by cockle stoves and you have to renovate it with your father

ha, ha, I probably would've loved it! *whispers* and be creeped out by it at the same time.