Old Movies

I love old movies with a burning passion !! I frequently watch TMC who puts movies pre 60's !! Even though I'm technically still a guppy who's supposed to like all those **** films from nowww... Nope, I prefer watching Cary grant or Audrey Hepburn in some good ol' fashioned movie nights :) ... THAT was entertainment ! Even though I DO like movies of now (ehmm, Magic Mike, anyone?) old movies are a connection to people far away in time, but not so far away in heart ...
Stephystar123 Stephystar123
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

they told some great stories with film between the 30s to the 50s acting was more than just spitting your lines as fast as you can . in this age of the remake most fall short. but the speacial efects are much better now.