Old Movies Are Amazing

I love old movies...period. most of my fave movies are black and white or whatever. none of my friends seem to understand why, mainly bc their's less swearing, no blatant sexuality, and nobody gets their head blown off. i dont understand why they dont understand, but they cant change my favorite movies so HA!
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5 Responses Jul 31, 2007

It's so nice to hear from young people like yourself, who appreciates old movies. My mother is the one who got me into watching movies from the 1940's. I'm glad she did.

When swearing became permissable it ruined the dialogue. having to act angry without profanity made for better acting, computer graphics have taken the place of clever plots and good pacing in many stories. In your face Sex and sexaulity have replaced strong emotions and tempored acting. No wonder so many actress in movies seem to be sexual ob<x>jects while actors come across as sexual predators, eithor passive or agresive.

Watch 'Holiday' with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant (1938). Great film, great story, black and white, and American's used some British English at the time as in the word 'holiday' meaning a vacation. Can't go wrong with it. Sophisticated.

Very rare young lady. Don't change!!!

I feel your pain, my friends don't get it either. But if they think swearing, sex, and violence makes a film good, they don't have very good taste. Plus I find the subtle sexuality of older movies much more seductive than the soft core **** we get today.