Old Movies Are Named On My User Profile

I just love old movies and agree with those that have said they don't make them like they used to - in fact, my husband may be watching a recent movie and I will say, "You know that is not a recent story - that was a movie with (name classic actor or actress) called (name classic movie).  You've Got Mail = Shop Around the Corner just as an example.

Two of my many many favorites are Mrs. Miniver (I love Greer Garson) and The Best Years of Our Lives - the guy with no hands wasn't an actor - he basically played himself and that was his first (and maybe) only movie.  That movie won Best Picture!

Another:  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

This is a great group - I LOVE these movies!  Thanks for starting this!

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

i fully agree. old movies are by far the best! they put me in such a good mood. i love being transported back to those times, and admiring the classy films. i have seen all the titles you mentioned. three outstanding classics!