Rear Window


Alfred Hitchcock has a way of picturizing life that will stay unique in any Movie industry.He has this discreetly voyeuristic  cimematographic skill and Rear Window brought it out like no probably no other(atleast none that i have seen of him).The name of the movie itself has that voyeuristic feel to it but like any other good Alfred Hitchcock flick it has it's suspense and thrillers which makes them stand out.The opening scene with James Stewart looking out his window at what his neighbors are doing is how it begins and if it wasn't James Stewart with his friendly expression i probably would've been a bit uncomfortable with it (Remember Dirty Harry anyone?).The movie as it rolls on just becomes more and more interesting and not to mention Grace Kelly walking into the apartment every now and then makes it more appealing.There is a beauty in the characters thought which we can't forget.Rear Window exemplified life where man is not an island.Was it the simpler times and more innocent time? well not if...oh wait!..i'm not going to ruin your movie experience if you should want to see it some time.but notwithstanding it all,the humanity in the old classics(in the good guys of course) is so pleasant to watch.I have written something about James Stewart in Harvey and i guess i admire him to a good extent to have picked his other movie to write about and he didn't disappoint in Rear Window.He made a decent peeping tom(I'm laughing out writing this line).Grace Kelly was breathtaking and i think it's the first movie of hers that i saw and all i can say is that,she doesn't need a Prince to be a Princess.She already is,definitely on screen atleast.In all,It is one of the most memorable movie i have ever seen and i won't mind watching it over and over again.Not that there is something wrong with my memory.It just is worth it.

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You should also be aware that Alfred Hitchcock had a very specific set built to shoot "Rear Window". The lines of sight, the angles and relationships of the view outside Jimmy Stewart's window have all been carefully constructed.
Scenes that transpire in OTHER apartment windows are all carefully lit, and staged so that we can see the entire scene... whereas in life, the angle of sight, especially looking down, would block our view more than a foot or two into those apartments.
In some instances, the windows have been heightened, or lowered or floor to ceiling glass doors have been installed to provide the view.

I believe Hitchcock rented an unused theatre to be remodeled for this movie....and that what is the first floor and ground level is actually in the orchestra pit that had been excavated down below ground and constructed as above to allow viewing. I don't know which theatre this was, nor what came of it after they were finished.

Yep me too,DreamGirl.I have a thing for 50s and Watching some of Hitchcock movies takes me back to that time.Rear Window is a treasure which makes me so curious wondering what kind of lives the people behind their windows live in.Almost makes me feel like a Peeping Tom lolz

It is brilliant & am now seeing it again for fifth time; funny tho how the cat disappears & the murderer<br />
has a wet raincoat on even before he goes out

I love Vertigo so much! the ending was so awesome isn't it Keasbey?!..thanks for the comment :)

Oh wow! you have it on DVD,Kitti?! that is soo cool!..i love that movie so much as you can see lolz!..i can never forget it...Thanks for commenting,sweetie.. :)

Love .. this movie ... I have it on dvd and can watch it over and over and get sucked into the storyline just like the first time , that is truly the sign of a great movie ...thanks for posting darling