So Much Wisdom

and they have the greatest storys...I love old people,there good for advice too :)

and heres a video...and know body know what he say's at the end
lol muzzles? lol I think he meant muscles

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lol haha :)


oh ok the most common one I heard was "stay out of trouble",and I heard this from numerous old people lol haha and my grandma said to always try to look your best cause you never know who you might be meeting that day ,lol

lol I posted a video but I have to think about it,cause I know I there is probably one piece of personal advice that I cant remember, but you got me there! lol but check in again :)!

okh....take your time...lolz

lol haha ok let me think about it, I wont be able to say it the exact same way they say it ,cause the way they say just sounds so inspirational lol ok lemme think about it and ill get back to you!

give me an example of their advice... :)