No Teeth :p

Not that I love them in a romantic way lol no, but I love the very old people because they are SO KIND!
I have never had any grandparents, I’ve never experienced that love, and I hear that the grandparents love is different than any other love, and I can see that through my nieces and my mum, they actually love my mum more than my sis loolz :P

So the other day at work I had to do some work outside  the office with someone, my boss just gave me the person’s name and number, so I called and I was like okay how I’m gonna know you? And he said just look for someone without teeth lol :P so I was oh an old person cool!

He was over kind to me, and from the first minute we met he said: oh you are my new daughter, it was amazing I wished if I had such a grandfather in my life!

Then after we finished work he insisted to take me somewhere to drink something, now normally anytime I go outside I don’t like to go someplace I just like to finish work and go straight to the office, my boss actually think that I’m from another planet because he has never seen me eating lol :P anyway so I just said that I should be back to work but he got really upset as if I insulted him or something so I couldn’t disagree with someone who’s that old!

We sat in some coffee shop and he was treating me as if I’m 10 years old lol he said what do you wanna drink, me: of course coffee! Him: COFFEE?! You are too young to be drinking coffee!
Then do you know how you take a small kid from his hand to choose some chocolate or something, he was like this: do you want this or that, LOL I got SO EMBARRASSED, but really I’ve never been with someone who's that old, so it felt nice!

Then we sat for like two hours talking!! lol I forgot that I have work! it was so interesting he told me about all the old wars he participated in, it was like a very interesting history class, also how often do we get to hear the wisdom talk, no silly stuff just real things, it is just rare!

It got me thinking about how my life would have been like if I had a grandfather? Would it be different? Of course it would! Maybe I wouldn’t be that weird when thinking about men!

Old people are just amazing, they give unconditional love, I had a dream just this one time of my grandfather, the dream was so real, I’m quite sure that this was him for real, I was so happy to meet him even if it is just in the dream!
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1 Response Oct 3, 2011

This was really sweet to read, yeah I agree it would be nice to have somebody treat you kind of like a child.