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Sometimes I feel so sorry for some people. They are so nice and probably even happy. But they deserve more, and they are just so sad to look at. I don't know how to describe it. You just look at their bags or their clothes.. or just see them acting in some way.. They may be happy having short moments of their own joy.. for example talking of some of their relatives they are so proud of.. or "boasting" their new i-don't-know-what.. just sharing their piece of joy.. And you guess that maybe they are not Really happy.. They are happy in Their Own.. It makes you wish they were a bit happier, or at least that life gave them more moments of such joy.. And you want them to be as they are, because they are so nice..
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2012

Because they are not really happy. Maybe they are not happy at all. They just have no chioce. Their life is full of all kinds of problems. They live the life they have and are glad to have those good things that they have. And these can be very small things. Or sometimes their life is so hard that they can't really enjoy these good things they have. They do appreciate them, but those things don't make them happy as they have more problems then pleasant things and problems take all their time. This is what they feel. But they don't show it and try to be happy in their own way.

How do you know that all these things are true? Have they told you that?

Even if I might be wrong one can't deny such people exist. this is what my experience tells me. It tells me, for example, that you are annoyed with the fact that I added you. You didn't say this, but I feel it. So, this is the same with this story. I can't prove I'm right, I can only trust my feelings or not.

I don't really understand...why do you feel sorry for them if they're happy?