The Bath Chair Incident

I was working in a hospital that had a SNF unit. That is a SKILLED NURSING FLOOR. I was a nurses aide. Part of the job required me to assist older people to shower. This was most often done with a shower chair. It had rollers. Once the person was undressed and seated on the chair, they were wrapped in a shower sheet and rolled to the shower. Ok that"s the procedure. I took a very large lady into the shower, we washed and shampooed. She asked me for a soaped up washcloth so she could wash her private parts. I handed her the cloth and stepped back. She began to try to cram the cloth down between her very chubby legs. The shower chair had an open bottom like a toilet. Well, try as she would she was not able to force the washcloth down to the desired area. Finally in frustration she looked at me and said very seriously, " NO WONDER I CANNOT WALK....THE DAMN THING HAS GROWN TOGETHER!" We both were laughing by then. Well we finished the shower. To this day I still laugh at that memory. I really loved helping those older people. It was just paying it foward. Soon someone may have to help me bathe. I hope I have as much grace and humor . amen mini
minimeowz minimeowz
61-65, F
Jan 17, 2013