Lillian Gives A Bed Bath

I am a second generation home health care worker. My mother was certified as a home health aide late in life. She was probably in her late 60"s. Lillian was a very remarkable woman. One of her jobs was in the home of a prominant family. She went to the home and assisted the Lady of the house with bathing, dressing ,generally whatever the Lady needed to get ready for the day. Most of the time it went smoothely. Nothing to strenous or hard. One morning as Lillian was assisting the Lady with a bed bath. All went well until they got to the part of the bath to wash the "private area". The patient refused to allow Lillian to continue. She asked for the washcloth. She told Lillian, YOU TAKE CARE OF THE REST OF THE BATH~~~~I WILL TAKE CARE OF "ROMANCE" MYSELF. This is a true story. I still laugh to this day. mini
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Being a nurse, I've had to bathe and bed bath many patients over the years. The older people seem to be the least embarrassed at being bathed or showered. I had to laugh at this one though.