The Old Man And The Ice Cream Cone

This is a true story. I was having lunch with my sister and my sweetheart. For dessert I got a soft serve Ice Cream Cone. Sitting across from me was a very old man. He was alone. He was watching me as I licked the ice cream. It was melting so I was licking it pretty delibertly. He finished his meal and walked up to me. He stood there smiling at me. I said hello, how are you? He said I,ve been better. I said I'm sorry. He just looked down and said, I just want someone to do to me what you did to that Ice Cream Cone. We all were so surprised. Then we all laughed. The old man just shuffeled out the door. True story I sware. :} mini
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2 Responses Mar 15, 2013

....... Men ...... Does it never cease? Lol. I bet the 3 of you howled!

Lolol,, Firstly I think you were a bit of a tease ,, :-),,, Great story,,,, just goes to show theres life in us old folk yet,,,,