I have always loved the elderly. I think it might stem from the closeness with my own grandparents.

When most kids were going to stay at their friend's houses for the weekends and on school breaks...I was going to stay with my great grandmother. She lived in this little group of apartments and all the other people there were elderly too. In the summers they'd bring out their little lawn chairs and sit under the shade of the tree in the yard there and talk. Some would knit. I loved these people and adopted most of them as my grandparents, too. I'd dress up in my grandma's old frilly dressed and costume jewelry and flounce about the sidewalks with a parasol. :)

Even as I got older, I always made friends with people much older than me better. Working in a restaurant, one of my favorite regulars was in his 80s. Ornery as hell, that one was, but I loved him. My other close friend at the time was 60. Mind you, I was barely 20 at this time.

Even at my last most recent job I didn't have a friend that wasn't at the very least 15 years older than me. Not that I'm calling that "old." Just saying that I've never really been able to get close to people my own age that easily.

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Jan 6, 2009