I really love old people. They are so kind; they have a different type of kindness which you can feel by just talking to them. When I meet them, I feel I can understand how people talk about their grandparents, they usually talk about the unconditional love and about the kindness, well I never had any grandparents but when I talk to old people, I can touch this kindness people talk about.

Like today, I was at work, working hours are very short where I work these days, so employees usually leave very early and I find myself forced to leave early too because the security guard has to close the doors, but I try to stay as late as possible to finish off my work, so I am usually left there with no one around , at all.

The security guard is an old man; one of these kind people and today he touched me with his kindness. He wanted to pray, so he had to close the doors since he won’t be able to watch, but then he came up to me and told me he needs to close the doors for five minutes and that he is not sure when I am leaving but just telling me so I won’t get scared if I happen to leave some time in those five minutes and think that he closed and left.

Omg, sooo very kind!
MissGaga MissGaga
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Me too. It's one of his very finest compositions , beautifully orchestrated and delivered with a stunning intensity and sincerity.

I really loved the song, very beautiful :)