Growing up, I didn't know my grandfather (he died about 2 weeks and a few days before I was born and my grandmother wasn't the nicest to me. So, around 6th or 7th grade, I met this woman (about 60 or so), whom I came to call Ms. Lucille. She lived right across the street from my Dad with her husband (who was a very grumpy guy). Around this time, I was always with my dad during the Summer, my Aunt, Ms. Lucille and her husband were good friends and my aunt introduced me. From then on, I went and seen Ms. Lucille everyday while I was at my dads. I can't quite remember what made me want to visit her but after that first encounter, I was across the street, sitting on the porch with Ms. Lucille almost everyday. She was a diabetic, So I helped her with her meds and food (her husband kept certain foods locked away in the basement away from her) but can you imagine a little old 7th grader putting a stop to that? He did treat her poorly in front of me and tried to hide it but I just gave him the evil eye lol. I took her for small walks, did her hair and painted her nails. I, also helped her get dressed, I mention that because whenever I picked out her clothes, she would say, "Nope, that's for Sunday! pick something else." lol :) Though she didnt attend church, she sat outside in her cute Sunday clothes. I remember how she would tell me that she loved me and would tell anybody on that block that I was her granddaughter. She could have a porch full of people over and light up the minute I come running up the driveway. She was definitely a Blues fan, we danced around a lot to it (which is why I like Blues). She moved off that street and my dad later moved so I had no idea where she went (I was just going into 8th grade). She moved after her husband passed and her family (kids) weren't nice to her either. I didnt see her anymore after that. I wrote a paper about her in High School, I wondered where she was, how she was doing, etc. I graduated June 2010 and I think I still have that paper. I didn't find out that she passed away until last year. she passed away in 2011. I had counted the years (back then) that I hadn't seen her and she passed away. No goodbyes, no warm hugs. I miss her and love her so much. I wish that I could have seen her and I hope that she passed away happily! she was such a great person. She had grandchildren but treated me like her own and that felt good because my own grandma was a witch. she bullied me when I was a child and that hurt so bad.

I love and miss you Ms. Lucille!
your granddaughter Diamond
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I once met a grumpy old guy when I was in my 20's. He became the best friend I could have ever imagined. I miss him every day. Now I'm that grumpy old guy. :)