I just love how kind old people are. Today I went to the dry cleaners and there was a very old man there who can barely count the money he is supposed to pay, seems like he was having trouble recognising the coins, I was waiting for my turn until he pays and leaves, it is when he started apologising so much for keeping me wait because he is taking so long and then when I helped him count the money he couldn't thank me enough, kept thanking me as if I have done something so great!!

After this I went to the super market and also found a very old man there, I had veggies with me that I wanted to price and the old man was ahead of me in turn, i could tell he can barely stand yet he kept insisting I go first, I really didn't want to, if he was behind me I would have let him go first because he looked so tired, but he kept insisting and I was actually feeling embarrassed to go first but he wouldn't quit.

It is weird that almost all old people I meet are indeed very kind hearted, I wonder if they have been always this kind, are these really the 'men' I know?!!! Or do we all become very kind when we grow old?

Such people make life looks nicer and kinder :)

MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 1, 2015

I insist younger girls go ahead of me in line at the supermarket too.. we never get too old to check out the younger hotties.. :)