Tall Ship

  Lady Washington at Moss Landing Harbor part of my home, area of scenic sights......

Caught a "glimpse" of the past! Went to go see "sea faring life" the 18th century. The Lady Washington, a 112 foot brig, docked at Moss Landing Walked around on her deck. The ship was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean , Curse of the Black Pearl , and Star Trek Generations...


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lovely story Candy ... and the pictures are great too ... I love sailing ships ... very romantic and full of atmosphere!

She's a nice ship Candy. I'm lucky to live in an old seafaring port.

She's beautiful! :-) ((HUGS))

Thanks Eyeno I guess you can see her! LOL hugs :)<br />
Yes 'I did in my younger days! fishing..not now just boating!

Thanks Arthurca :) was nice! Trying to fix it! Hugs