I Love The Thought Of A Barbered Haircut

Never have gone to a barbershop for a haircut but I have always thought I would. The precision and care that the cuts are done with hold great appeal. I like the striped cloth cutting capes, the sound of scissors snapping and clippers clacking.   And the big leather chairs.  No nonsense haircuts.  Ultra-short. Fabulous. Brilliant.  Wish I could get up the nerve...
GlindaofOz GlindaofOz
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Alot of women now days would rather go to an old fashioned barbershop to get a haircut rather than a busy beauty salon. Trust me just keep telling yourself that your gonna do it and your nerve will keep building and building and before you know it you will find yourself sitting in of those old fashioned barber chairs being caped with a pin striped cape and neck ***** with the barber preparing to go to work on your hair. It's an experience you will truly love and never forget. After you go through with it the first time, you will keep wanting to go back time after time and each time you go it will get a little easier for you to get up the nerve to go through with it. Please share your experience if and when you decide to go through with it.