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I Love Old Fashioned Barbers

there doesn't seem to be many around now, I hate these unisex salons where you have some twenty something bimbo intent on pushing her exposed midriff in your face while your getting your haircut and you end up coming out looking like you belong to one of those crappy boy-bands.
I prefer an assertive female barber in a white coat, puts you in a cape who takes control and gives you a nice traditional haircut and its always short no matter what you ask for.
steveluvsclipppers steveluvsclipppers 31-35, M 1 Response Feb 23, 2013

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I've been going to a barber for several years now and am satisfied with mine..
I've been to some of those unisex salons and I agree with you about the bimbos with the boobs and midrifts in your face especially when they washed your hair.

In high school , I liked going to this young gal that worked in one of those old lady beauty shops. Gave me a great haircut.... BUT..... I was embarrassed and nervous at my first time there because this older lady about 70 , took me to a back room and gave me a very lengthy shampoo. That, took me totally by surprise. .. no bare midrift , just her busty broad chest in my face while she was shampooing me. I closed my eyes

After.. I ended up become addicted to they way she washed my hair rather than the haircut!

if you enjoy it go for it I say, if you like it shampooed your proberbly better off with longer hair because they will take more time over it, they do with mine anyway they ask me if I want conditioner and stuff but yeah its nice