Interesting How....

It's interesting to me how people in the USA might view old time radio- and also radio plays.

Coming from the UK, we are well provided for in terms of radio drama thanks to BBC Radio 4, but I get the impression that radio drama in the USA (old -time or modern) is a bit more hit-and-miss as to what you get.
Is this true?

Much of our old time radio comedy is available now on CD (and some of the new digital channels here are re-running some.)

How old are your re-runs there? Over here, it's getting rare to hear anything pre-1970's in the comedy genre. I guess that social changes make some of the earlier stuff less 'acceptable'.

I keep remembering radio plays from years ago- just wish I could remember the titles. would love to hear them again! :)
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Thanks for that. That link looks interesting, and will keep me busy for a while! <br />
The BBC radio can be reached through<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
for the current programmes. There are archive radio plays available through their online radiopla<x>yer which should have a link under the 'listen again' heading.<br />
<br />
I shall have to look for archive comedy links- they must be out there somewhere! :)<br />
<br />
Thanks again!