Always Classic ~

Old Volks are so classic .. for me they never go outta style .. I dont own Volks but wish I could one day when I have my own beach bar .. Ill paint it so colorful and flowery like hippie style ..

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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8 Responses Mar 1, 2010

YAY! I wanna party in Bus! and also road trip !

Haha, I think so ;)

the bus is almost as good as my motorcycle for taking women for a ride...

Oh I didnt know that but thks for tellin ;)

Aww .. how lovely! I wish I could have one too ;)

I am now on my 8th VW Bus (not counting the bugs here). And driving a bus is so different from driving anything else that it makes the drive well worth it. Next one after this bus is going to be a souped up 60's split window Bus. One could say I'm just an old hippy that can't be content...

I love it too

i like vw bugs