Well not all older guys but there is one older guy that I am quite smitten with.

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I however believe that the older man-younger woman fling is probably best when the younger woman is in her 18-20s with the older man being no older than late 50s. A woman in her 30s or older dating an older man, I just don't think it's any fun.

Agreed. So many are just downright gross and vulgar...

Oh FG, like flies to honey ;)

No way! I am true and loyal.

I have a gentleman in my like banna. I will chat with you but I can be no more than friends.

i;am older thats for sure 61 goin on 51 lol & still as good or better than i ever was :) give me a chance :) send me a message & i'll tell you more :)

u r a busy bee.

Awww thanks y'all.

Am I older? I know I am older than some? Will I do? Pick me!!! Pick me!!!