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Nightly Neighbor...

When i was 14 my mom went out for the night with some cousin jessica stayed the night (she was 14 too). around midnight i said to her lets go swimming...she agreed. it was one of those warm summer nights when everything is still....i saw my neighbor come outside and i smiled at him. he came up to the pool and I asked him if he wanted to come in. he agreed (he was 36). My cousin wasnt into older guys at all and thought i was being stupid but i didnt care. She got out and went to the bathroom. now i was left alone with my neighbor. we were creating a world pool and i went under the water and came back up and he was right there infront of me. he reached out and pulled me close to legs wrapped around his waist as i sat on his lap. he then went in for a kiss and i could feel my heart pound with excitement. we were now making out hands all over eachother when suddenly i heard "hey you guys" and my cousin was back. she was a little annoyed and just went back in the house. At the time i didnt think anything of it and me and my neighbor continued to make out. he whispered "come back to my place" and i nodded yes. we walked over to his house and he made me a couple of i would drink we proceeded to make out more on his couch. he then carried me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. he untied my bathing suit top and kissed my neck. his tounge moved very slowly down to my nipples where he used soft strokes with his tounge. i was moaning and i said "take me please" he then pulled down my swimming trunks and rubbed me with his fingers...he grinned at me after feeling how wet i was and took off his shorts too...he was kneeling on the bed and i was facing him....i moved my head lower and put his **** in my mouth. my *** was sticking up and he gave it a little smack which made me so wet. then he brought my head up and laid me back staring into my eyes. He got on top of me and slowly inserted his **** into my *****. i moaned very loud as he started to thrust into me...back and fourth he was about to *** he pulled out and he quickly grabbed a towel laying on the bed and came into it. he then bent down and kissed me. just then i saw headlights pull into my driveway. his bedroom faced my side of the house. i quickly grabbed everything threw on my top and bottoms and darted out the door. i ran into the house through the back door. my cousin was asleep on the love seat and i jumped to the couch just as my mom came in. luckily she was quite tipsy and didnt notice a thing.....
mibabygrrl2005 mibabygrrl2005 22-25, F 71 Responses Dec 7, 2010

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Great story

Loved this story alot

Nice :)

What a lovely story.
I'm a much older married guy in Uk.
Really, I am hopeing for a local gf and lover.
why not have a look at my profile and, if you like what you read, msg me.
Peter xx

You still like older? Your story had me very excited

i like your story have you bin back 2 him ore was it a 1 of

Awesome story

So hot he is a lucky man

Damn that was hot...easy to visualize the way you wrote it

Wow! What a hot, sexy, erotic story!

I'm sure that those experiences were physically
and visually pleasurable for both of you!

You had more sex experince at 14 than I did at 18. but you sound like a fun girl and you like older men. if you are coming to Canada, drop me a line.

Great story

hot and a bit taboo. were you still loving older men after that. cause Id love to eat that p ussy right up for anight of you screaming and convulesing maybe even squirting

Wow, hot story.

damn lucky neighbour

I wished i had been your neighbor but i would not have pulled out of you i would have shot my load inside your teenager ***** and then watched my ***** dripping out of your 14 year old *****

How did you lose your virginity?

That is one of the hottest stories ever!! Guys that meet you are very lucky!! Have added you, hope you add me! I have some pics if you're interested!!

hmmm...i would say that u have imagination and ur very thoughtful. I enjoyed reading ur story as well as ur comments

You temptress. Enough to make a good man go bad...very bad. By the looks of've been successful at that.

Great story. You are a gorgoeus young thing! Hope we can be friends.

Over my knee yu go:))

If u have msn add me zak_bristol at hotmail dot com

Id love to **** you now but where d you live?

wow girl, that is hot<br />
<br />
I also slept with a 42 year old man when I was 17

So whats the oldest u go for now?

i dont really have an age limit..but im pretty settled bf is 45...weve been together for a long time and we are expecting our first i am going all mommy and putting the hotness away for a bit

reading your experience certianly turned me on.

thx mibabygurl... lotsa hot in your story... lotsa hot in you!!! would love to taste it all *S*<br />
<br />

Did you ever go with neighbor again? did parents find out or join?

i saw my neighbor quite a few times after that...parents were divorced and i was with my mom. i ended up telling her once we were moved and i was 19 i think. She did tell me she suspected but ofcourse i was never going to ruin my fun and tell her when i was younger lol

Awesome story Baby , I'd love 2 have the chance 2 play with U !!

Although it is not a factor for me to be attracted to a woman/girl my gf of the past 2+ years is 15 years younger than me and when I was 32 I had a relationship with a 19 year old girl for a couple of months. Most of my girlfriends have been at least 3 or 4 years younger than me since my early 20's and the closest to my own age was my ex-wife who is 2 years younger. I did have a one-night stand with a woman who was 5 years older than me (A friend's step-mother) and perhaps others who may have been my age or older but they were also one-night stands.

well written story, thanx for sharing. xxxx

Yah...girls like you are incredibly rare gems!! Thanks for the story...<br />
<br />

Wow! What a great story! It sounds like it was erotically fun and exciting for<br />
both you and him!

Wish I could have been your neighbor.

I love that you write so well.

Very hot story!!!

Very good story. You made me hard honey. I'm 34, wish I could find someone like you!

truly love it, got me hard as a rock thanks for sharing.

yes...we had many repeats :)

you are a beautifull young woman are you still into older guys? Im 41 lol

Great story thanks for it and hope you do more. I have been fixed so I would fill you up. Maybe all over nipples and sucked it off.


I would have *** up your ***** and made you sit on the couch at home with wet knickers and *** drooling down your legs and would have tried to introduce you anal sex as well.

you should be labeled with warning just by reading that story i blew a hand free load in my pants. ever thought of writing books. finger bopped my first cherry when i was in k thats when i got my first bj to. horny girls love the stories in penthouse. i have huge hands for spanking and would make you stay on your knees till i ways happy with your lip service little girl. no daughter of mine is going around treating men like this.

Very nice story I would love to trade stories, make up one even. : )

would love to have a neighbor like you.

Very Hot story too bad it wasnt me :)

So hot. I'd give you exactly what you desire...

Very hot story...I like a woman who knows what she wants!

One helluva a hot story! Makes one's mind start coming up with all sorts of fun things to do :)

i had to run home though...and i really didnt mind the idea of being used by my older was hot for me...but i had never had an ****** then so i didnt even really know what i was missing

but there is something wrong in this story; you wright he came- what remained for you?<br />
only to run home?<br />
<br />
poor girl daddy would have been made it better for you, you would have come certainly too :-)<br />
<br />
hugs khei

you are a sweet naugthy girl my husband and i need to spank you then make love to you all night

Slip a blindfold over your eyes & leather cuffs onto each wrist.....attach the cuffs to a chain from the ceiling so your hands are over your head... slip up behind you & whisper in your ear ...youre here for my pleasure & to be used any way I please understand? A My hands sliding under your skirt & slipping your panties down to your feet & tapping your *** with My riding crop & whispering srep out of them angel. Now spread your legs for Me like a good little *** ****.... Interested? Do you like the way I play? I'm Jonathan

Great story! my gf 22 yo ( and submissive) of 3 years just left & went back to Argentina. She finished school & had to leave the country. Very hot & sexy.

you know he sure didnt seem like it...but i loved that...if he hadnt taken control i prob would have never let him know i wanted i am very glad he did

Great story!

My wife had a similar experience

i couldnt believe it either...i had fantasized about him...i thought he was hot...and he was a volunteer just made it heart was racing when he came in the pool...and i think it actually stopped when i was pulled into his arms.....sigh.....damn good times

I kinda envy the neighbor for his boldness. I would have thought what he was thinking, but probably would not have had the guts to even suggest let alone do what he did. It was . . . arousing to read.

I will do whatever you let me do!!! I love making<br />
Beautiful women satisfied....what do you want right now?

I am interested to know more about your active teen life....maybe you can friend me or chat in private.

thanks...i led a very active teen life :)

the guys you have been with were very lucky.....I would do many things to you.

that would have been hard to clean up in time ...if he had done that i may not have made it home that split second before my mom walked in the door

that is a very hot story... i would have *** on you.. belly or breast....

oh yea? what would you like to do to me?

so are you going to spank me?

i was also...before that happened it was just a fantasy of mine...i never thought my neighbor would really be into me since i was so young...but luckily he was and it gave me a hot story....

no i was into older for as long as i can first kiss was when i was 11 with a 15 year old but i told him i was 14...and i went down on a 20 year old for the first time when i was 13