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One Wish

If I had one wish, it would be that every young girl would experience sex - with an older man - first and foremost in their lives.

I have heard stores re-told by women, my age, who have had their virginity taken hastily by a young pertinacious lad. Someone who did not think twice about feelings or consequence. They thought only of their needs being met ... and then the vulnerable female was cast aside.

Young women need to be guided by the skilled hands of an older man. Someone who understands how a young innocent woman responds to touch. Someone who will respect and appreciate the journey to womanhood.

It is in their teaching that future generations will be formed.
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That is so true! unfortunately most young women have no idea of what they need or what would enable them to be better sex partners later on. They end up getting a few pitiful strokes and think that is sex.and lovemaking. It ususally takes them years to find out otherwise.

hmmm...i would say that u have imagination and ur very thoughtful. I enjoyed reading ur story as well as ur comments

not all older men are the gentle loving adoring creatures we make them out to be. some older men make you wonder why you never just go for guys your own age.

then why is it so hard for us older guys to find a young girl?<br />
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ahhh. the wisdom of experience. once they try it they won't go back !! <br />
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' I don't think that wam bam thank you mam works that well'.

This is all to often true, many or perhaps most young men leave a negative impression, confusion of both the emotional and physical well being that form attitudes and unwarranted beliefs of how their sexuality is perceived and can flourish under the experience and guide of a compassionate and understanding man who helps them to explore all the possibilities of their desires, cravings & fantasies as well as lead in directions beyond their limitatons and bring them confidence in manners of pleasing whom they chose to be with and thier ability to do so.

There is so much a younger woman can learn from an older experienced man. I know I am much more knowledgeable today about the pleasure of sex than I was when I was younger. Slow and easy finished with a flourish is definitely better than slam bam thank you mam sex.

You are an intelligent young woman. You rock.

I totally agree with moreandless.Most of my pleasure during sex derives from my partner enjoying the things that are happening to her.I get so turned on knowing that my woman is turned on because of me.That is one reason I enjoy cyber so much, because sex starts in the mind and continues throgh the body until it burst forth into the outside world.

I so much agree that initiation should be tender, slow and sensitive. Not every older man will fit the purpose, but yes, he will probably be more skilled and not choose the fast lane to his own satisfaction. After a while even a man starts to know that his own pleasure only increases with the mounting of the pleasure he provides.