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Older Men Make Me Say Mmmm!!

Well the first thing I will say...if you have never been with an older man, then you must do so!! They are truly wonderful!!!
They have loved and been loved..they are very caring, passionate and understanding!! Older men love to make sure you are very well attended too...and most definately know what to do!! They see beyond the outer beauty and look deep into the inner beauty..which doesnt happen often!! Older men are sexy...just the thoughts make me say mmmmmm..very yummy!!
theheartofmemphis theheartofmemphis 41-45, F 117 Responses Feb 18, 2011

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Thanks for the good word xoxox

You could not have described me any better then this, spot on!!! :)

I would have to agree with you. Attention to detail is one of my best attributes.

agree... am so young but having affair with the old gals 50+ and i enjoy more because 1. Mature 2. more experience 3. knew more than you knew 4. they were lovely and beloved 5. sexy and cannot explained because they were inside your mind

I agree.. I am 51 add m my new friend

sounds like yoo have had a LOT more experience then your telling us about :):) lol could her pleaseeee add me ??

Practice makes perfect

It does take us a while to get it right, but its worth it. ;o)

i'm 50. is that old enough?

they are more committed and caring for, and passionate about their women's needs and wants.

How old do you like the men to be?

It's simple. Older men have known enough women, ****** enough *****, played with enough *****, to be quite liberated when it comes to sex with a nubile young thing for whom it it still pretty new and who's still shy about it. Same thing for older women and younger men.

It's what we are good at, exciting you girls.

You understand us very well.

i m older add me lets talk like the red heads

thank you. I certainly like to take care of a couple of younger ladies Iknow. I think you are correct. we are better lovers.
I wish I could show you how I could make you remember my name.

You are certainly arousing me with those thoughts... x

Well hell I am older than dirt. Does that count?

Oh, you are a dear . . . you have stirred my loins

You are truly a rose among the thorns, dear lady

How beautifully put and what an encouragement to us oldies.
I'm a much older married guy in Uk, in a sexless marriage, and I just love young women.
why not have a look at my profile and, if you like what you read, msg me.
Peter xx

that is very true heart of Memphis.. I think it is because we do care and try harder

Your word surely will make every older man smile....made me smile

Very well said, Ms. QT-Phace!!

I've got to say, "It seems that I've by some strange happenstance, I'M THAT ODLER MAN - THESE DAZE!!" Wow - I was 28yrs old last week! Or, at least it seems like it!

I'd like to be friends and acquaint with you,


THANKS for the friendation: Soon - Ok...

Oh I would love the opportunity to live up to your expectations.

I like the way you think young lady. As an older man I do appreciate your opinion. Nice to know I may still have the ability to make a younger woman say MMmmmmmm.

penny for your thought! same goes to women who are old and experienced and do not just start screaming if something goes wrong!

Well said and as an older man I appreciate your kind words. This sounds like me.. a woman should be appreciated and loved..a man should spend all the time needed to meet her needs whether financial, emotional, or in bed... if a man thoroughly meets all her needs first especially making love, then she will reciprocate

AH HA!!!! I found something....This is me....Older and experienced....placing the woman's wants, needs and desires ahead of all else....caring and passionate....wanting your please you is my pleasure......I am no artist therefore I do not judge what is painted on the canvas but look within the art itself....

I could very well be your yummy!

"smiles and winks"


Works for me theheartofmemphis. At 60 I am lucky to be with a woman who is a lot younger than me. The age difference is not really stupendous but I notice other men my age stare with envy when they see us together. We both have adult children and grandchildren (not living at home with us) so we give each other our full attention when we are together. We both bring experience and appreciation to our relationship which are nice things to find after you have been taken for granted or neglected by a previous partner. She has no reason to put up with me if I make her unhappy but she is also a more considerate companion than my lawfully wedded wife who left me abruptly when our second child was just a year old and refused to talk about it. A younger woman has a lot to offer an older man but the secret recipe for their happiness is respect.