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My First

I long for my first time to be with an older and very demanding guy. I'm way to shy to make it happen though. :(
sweetamy17 sweetamy17 18-21 31 Responses Jun 24, 2011

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I could be your first

Dont be shy just say hi

Add me, and we can get to know each other. I would love to assist you.

Are you here under a similar name ?
Anyway, why not have a look at my profile. If you like what you read, we can chat ??
Peter xxx

I think you've made an excellent first step by posting this. If it's truly your desire you should probably also include some information like a general geographic location and a picture. Don't be sad if it takes a little time to find the right one.

good luck and happy hunting

Im here to help. Im in uk so if you are too the skys the limit. Call me and the fun will start.

Don't be shy. An older man will be way to nervous to make the first move. It's up to you. He will be more than willing.

mmmhmmmm hmu

Can you just message me or are you too shy?

Nothing to be shy about... just need to find that one right guy. Don't rush it. You'll meet him in due time. Good luck.

Hi sweetness, im shy too, lets be shy together ! x

Try me I'm 60.

I can spank ya if you would fancy that or i could just basically give ya head till ya scream.

A 48 years old guy would be honored to help you discover the pleasure of love making :)
btw I'd be too shy to ask you too, so perhaps we can chat first and I hope to hear from you

I am 45, let me take you to another word. Contact me and see you will love every minute add me and lets chat.

id love to help...

My first time was with a 52 year old he was very demanding I was only 20 I was buzzing after lol

Hmm..well perhaps online is the perfect way to test the waters...

Ive had a couple of women around your age. And they have had men around their age or younger that werent able to do as well as I did. Matter of fact I was told by these younger women that I was the first man out of however many they had to make them *** without them using a toy during sex. Interested in a real man to give you a real experience?

Add me baby, and we can chat. I always have fantasized about showing a young woman around sexually.

Add me,lets' talk x

There is an older guy who is looking for you, how will you find one another?

you just took the first step

you can make it happen if you like too. if you wanna chat about it add me. or look me up on yahoo or msn

hmm, I would love to help you out and make it really enjoyable for you

Well you certainly have plenty of offers but I may as well add mine. Anytime you would like to chat write me and I will send you my Yahoo address and Skype name. I do have some experience with younger girls helping them discover and understand their sexuality. Strictly platonic information and advice or more involved, whichever you prefer.

please add me my baby you'll be happy u did ;)

hi, i think you will really ejoy an older guy. good luck in finding him. xxx

Would you tremble with desire if "this older guy".........seduced you..........undressed you.......and presented you to his be used over and over..........again and again...........

I love to be together with younger women

you just never know :) I'm sure it will happen for you tho