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I Don't Like Boys My Age

Hi I'm leonie I'm 14 and I'm tired of boys at my school they are all dorks. I love when older men look at me and want me. my first sexual experience was with a 30yr old man we didn't go all the way But I really wanted too. He teased me with his fingers and put them into my mouth. At first I thought this was gross but when I tasted it I loved it. I felt his bulging penis against my ***** and I wanted it so bad, he backed away and said he couldn't go through with it, as he would get into so much trouble. How can this be if I want it just as much as him, maybe more? I crave for another older man as the boys at school just won't do.
Twinkleinmydaddyseye1997 Twinkleinmydaddyseye1997 13-15 61 Responses Aug 11, 2011

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good for u

If it was me you would have had a different ending to the story you desires would be reelality

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wish my girl were like you!

lol gotta love these hot interesting stories

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That was a sexy story you wrote. I know I wouldn't have stopped until I either filled your ***** with my ***, or maybe even in your mouth ;)

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thats hot. Got real firm all of a sudden

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Mmmmmm I have had many wonderful experiences with girls your age.

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That man was so lucky

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He was right. He would have gotten into trouble. Pity laws are not on your side...

14 & 30? That would have put him in jail & on the Sex Offenders Register in the UK.

I say go for it! And have fun ;)