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After School....

After the thing with the janitor... I was so confused for weeks. I knew it was wrong because Mom always told not to let other people see me naked, but it excited me so much... I had already been touching myself a lot for along time and I liked it. So here I am 11 and already had the experience with my friends dad and now this. I was like changing everyday about the way I was feeling. One minute I would feel a little guilty and the next it would excite me to no end. I also became so aware of how men were looking at me now. I noticed if it was like the little girl I was or if they had a different look the way the janitor had looked at me. I even began to notice how they would treat me. If I was just another little girl and they weren't interested in me that way it was, like normal? But, if it was like the janitor then it was like they paid closer attention me, more interested in what I had to even say. Look at me closer and want to be closer to me physically. Yes I notice if they would just look at my face or look me up and down. But, I was looking at men or boys  differently too, I couldn't help but glance at they pants... knowing what was there and what it might look like... Crazy, at 11 and be wondering what their penises looked like... but worse of all, it excited me. If I saw a man and I could tell he was getting hard from looking at me, I got excited and my heart  would start pounding and I would get nervous... all I could do or I should say want, was to see it, or for them to see me... just like the janitor or my friend's dad...

It was so hard not to tell my friends because  they would talk sometimes,  I knew it was normal for them to say things like " look at that pervert looking at us" or "dirty old man" , so I couldn't say " well, I let one *** on me and I loved it" ... or " I can't stop wanting to touch a penis or ****,lol or that I'm thinking I want them to touch me" I would have been shunned from all my friends at the time. I was like in my own little world and had to be so private with my feelings.

ada12 ada12 22-25, F 40 Responses Nov 5, 2011

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Great story.

What a vivacious 11 year old you were. The janitor must've thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

It can be a challenge to have to keep your feelings and thoughts bottled up like that!

Gutsy kid who knew what she wanted. Did you see him again?

Great hot story,Would love to see your hot body

well you got to see what you was after. i find you very interesting to know.

exploring your desires and the things you like can be confusing at that age but it was nice for you (and him) that you had an open mind and let your curiosity enjoy the moment

That was so cool of u 2 do all that , wish I could have meet A girl like U then !!

I love to read everything you write. :)

What a sweet & exciting young lady u are !!
U make us older men feel like we are not obsolite !!
Thanks for the hot story !!

Sexy story - you should post some pics- your beautiful !!

A sexy story, which bus was that :)

wow what a sexy story thanks for sharing

Very hot, sexy story!

great story i thank i have read it more than once..

Good written story.

Tell this old man more. You are a great story teller.

Why don't you try any of this now that you are a bit older and wiser<br />
or should i say more sexually wise ?

Well Ada, I really get off better when I am being watched by females and they give me encouraging comments. Happy to have you watch if you would like. You can write me

Your stories are such a turn on! Wow! Xoxoxo

reading the 4 stories just now, i cant believe that there are girls running around like you probably and I just cant seem to catch that break, so risky too...makes me think of my daughters friends!

great story, most enjoyable.

You sound nice but your story was the Stupidest story I've heard of. I hope you made it up. For any kids reading this, bear in mind that being kidnapped is NOT going to be fun. Murder is NOT fun. Manhunts are NOT fun. There is a reason there is an ex<x>pression called Stranger Danger, and we teach our kids not to approach strangers.

Ohh...hmmm<br />
very intriguing and mesmerizing at the same time. Really nice

love it tell me more and add as a friend

thank you all for your comments...

lovely story....i love the way you are sharing it will all of us here....sure gets us wondering..waht u upto next :)!

I read your story again, and it still amazes me how your story can be so sexy and stimulating and yet seem so normal as well. You should try writing a book! A sensual sexy book on your life! :-) thanks for the story again.... I loved it AGAIN lol

Lets be friends

You've renewed my commitment to exposing myself in my car. Thank you.<br />

thanks for sharing, sexy story, i like how you write about how your experiences affect you, and make you horny.

OMG...what a story!! What a darling girl you are, Ada. Giving so much pleasure so freely. I wish more young ladies were like you, and had your lack of silly inhibition!

Its cool you jumped around actually! brings a realism to the story ! i loved it!

Im not a virgin nut, but would like to hear about your desire getting soo strong and the first time you have sex.

Love your story! Tell us more!

Love your story! Tell us more!


That's a hot story especially as you liked to look him ************ his hard ****.

You Bad Girl, I would have asked for a blow job! xx