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Coach Jeffy

When I was sixteen, I was privileged to be with a man almost three times my age and it was the best experience ever. He was my soccer coach and one day after practice he asked me to stay after so that he could stretch me out. I had gotten hurt during practice so I didn't see this as completely unusual. Coach Jeffy was a very handsome man, 47 years old and was always so loving and fatherly to all of his players. I was laying on the ground with my one leg in the air and he was stretching it by pushing it backwards towards me. This day happened to be one of the days I went to practice without panties. He had a clear view down my shorts to my clean shaven ****. I saw him inadvertently lick his lips before awkwardly looking away.

"Coach Jeffy" I called so that he looked back at me, I swayed my legs open a bit. "Thank you so much for stretching me out Coach Jeffy." I said very flirtatiously. All he could do was smile at me, I could see a bulge in his pants forming.

"Coach Jeffy, I'm still very very tight, can you stretch me out in other ways Coach Jeffy?" I said with a wink up at him.

"You know, Stace, if you plan to flirt, you better plan to back up your words." Coach Jeffy told me, now not hiding his gaze.

"Oh, I can back up each and every single word, don't you worry Coach Jeffy. Howabout you try me?"

He nearly threw me over his shoulder on the way to the soccer shed before tearing my clothes off and giving me the **** of a lifetime. After that first time, Coach Jeffy stayed after practice to "stretch me out" at least once a week, if not more.
Blondiebombshell Blondiebombshell 18-21, F 28 Responses Jun 1, 2012

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hope he came inside you - young ***** need *** and proteins to stretch and widen properly

now there is a good coach.. always working on technique

how are you?...wanna chat on yahoo sometime? daytimepm69 is mine

Good old coach Jeffy, to be going into that sweet young ***** and love-in it must have been a huge turn on while he was having sex with you. Thanks for sharing.

what a lucky guy and your jym shorts aroud your ankel while he ****** you nice

very nice... I can just imagine the look on your face as you felt his big hard **** pushing up your *****... I would like to get you on hands and knees... and *** your mouth while my friends *** your ***** and *** from behind.. would you like that sweetheart?

A great story, sweetie!

I think that was a good starch out.

favorite teen story i would to that happen to me

Wow, I recently had a similar thing happen to me. My daughter has a college g/f over one night. She has been over a few times already. She knows I work out in the mornings and has joined me a few times. It seemed that each time she's worked out with me, she wears less and less. This one time, she was doing situps and I held her feet. Her legs were parted and I could see down her shorts to her bald ****. Another time, I was stretching her legs, parting them, and exposed her **** completely. She acted like it was no big deal. In our last workout, she asked if it would bother me if she took her shorts off. That's all she had to wear that day and didn't want to get them sweaty. I agreed...and she ended up workout out with this skimpy thong. Of course, I'm acting al coach like, pretending everything she does is no big deal...while trying to hold my heart from jumping out of my chest. I'm actually starting to really enjoy working out with her....LOL!

A bit creepy, but exciting.

Lucky coach

great coach! hahahahaha

I would've done the same thing. Lucky girl for having a coach willing you.

Wish I was your coach

mmmm,idlove to lick your sweet wet tight lil *****. xxx

Wow lucky coach ;-)

would love to be that older guy...

What is started after?

Wow, that's very hot, Coach Jeffy is one lucky man!!!

wow tht was a great story would you please me

bad girl ;) love the story!

lucky coach!

nice hot story

I sure would love to be your coach. I love the story.

Hey sexy! ;) Amazing first story... and hot. Wish I was your coach, he he... talk to you soon I hope ^^

Do you know if he ever gave special treatment to any other girls on the team?

Very hot, thank you for sharing.